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Is Odoo 17’s Manufacturing Orders Overview a Game-Changer for Electronics Manufacturing?

odoo new version

In the realm of electronics manufacturing, where precision meets pace, a robust and agile management system is not just an advantage but a necessity. Odoo 17 arrives as a game-changer in this space. 

Its Manufacturing Orders module, a cornerstone of the Odoo manufacturing software, is poised to transform the industry’s landscape. 

This blog, brought to you by Pragmatic Techsoft, aims to unravel the intricacies and benefits of Odoo 17 in electronics manufacturing. Join us in exploring how this latest iteration stands out, not only as a technological advancement but as a strategic asset for manufacturers.



Odoo 17’s Manufacturing Orders module is a significant leap in manufacturing process management, offering real-time oversight and enhanced operational control.

Key Features

odoo new version

1) Real-Time Order Management : This feature allows manufacturers to track and adjust production schedules instantaneously, reducing delays and enhancing productivity. 

For example, if a sudden order increase occurs, the system can quickly allocate resources to meet the new demand.

2) Automated Bill of Materials Management : It simplifies the management of complex electronic components, ensuring accurate and timely sourcing of materials. This is especially useful in scenarios where a specific component is critical for the production of advanced electronic devices.

3) Quality Control Integration : This integration ensures that every manufactured component meets the high-quality standards required in electronics, reducing the risk of defects and recalls.

4) Subcontracting Management: Manufacturers can efficiently manage outsourced processes, maintaining quality and consistency across different production stages.

5) Resource Optimization: By maximizing the use of machinery and manpower, Odoo 17 reduces downtime and increases output, crucial for meeting tight production deadlines in electronics manufacturing.


In electronics manufacturing, where precision and timing are key, Odoo 17’s Manufacturing Orders module offers unmatched control and efficiency. It ensures that every production stage, from component sourcing to final assembly, is optimized for quality and speed.

Shop Floor Management with Odoo 17


The Shop Floor module in Odoo 17 provides a comprehensive and real-time view of manufacturing activities, vital in the fast-paced electronics manufacturing sector.

Enhancements for Efficiency

  1. Tablet Interface for Work Center Control : This feature allows workers to directly manage orders and report issues from the shop floor, enhancing responsiveness and reducing downtime. 

For instance, a worker can instantly report a machine malfunction, triggering immediate maintenance action.

  1. Maintenance and Feedback Loops : The streamlined process for maintenance requests and feedback ensures minimal production interruption and continuous improvement of manufacturing operations.

Pragmatic Techsoft excels in implementing and migrating to the latest Odoo versions, including Odoo 17. Our expertise lies in customizing Odoo solutions to meet the unique demands of the manufacturing sector, ensuring successful migrations and optimized operations for our clients.

Our tailored Odoo solutions are designed to cater to the specific requirements of the manufacturing sector. We ensure that our clients fully benefit from Odoo 17’s capabilities, thereby enhancing their manufacturing efficiency and productivity.

Stay tuned to our blog for more insights into how Odoo 17 continues to innovate in the manufacturing realm.

For tailored Odoo solutions that revolutionize your manufacturing processes, reach out to our experts at Pragmatic Techsoft. Let us guide you in harnessing the power of Odoo 17 to elevate your electronics manufacturing to new heights.


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