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Odoo Marketplace Module

Pragmatic has developed new marketplace module which can benefit your business to grow. This module can manage complete marketplace in one-go.

Features on broader level:-

  1.  Seller Approval process
  2.  Multi Seller / Vendor Support
  3.  Seller profile / Money Management
  4.  Multiple Invoices
  5.  Multiple Products Management
  6.  Can see multiple sellers on Marketplace.


Administrative Rights of Marketplace Owner

Marketplace user with administrative rights have multiple rights which are listed below:-

  1. Can receive multiple request of Sellers
  2. Can approve seller based on the information provided. Admin can approve or deny request
  3. Seller products are reviewed by Admin before publishing over website
  4. Admin can set the commission percentage for seller
  5. Seller’s product quantity update request can be approve by admin if required
  6. Mail notification can be set for admin and new seller
  7. Mail notification can be set if seller is approved or rejected
  8. Mail notification can be set on product approval or rejection
  9. If any product is sold then in that case, mail can be send to respective seller
  10. Website Settings can be managed with following options:-
    1. Return Policy
    2. Terms and Conditions
    3. Product Count
    4. Sale Count
    5. Seller Since Date on Website
    6. Shipping Policy
  11. All website categories can be manage through settings as per User business
  12. Can set Seller Payment Methods
  13. Can set Delivery Methods and Charges


Seller’s System


Seller’s Benefit

  1. Easy registration process
  2. Can sell their products
  3. Can get commission
  4. Market their products
  5. Email notifications
  6. Easy Commission process
  7. Easy Tracking of transactional data


Soon it will be available on our website.



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