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Odoo 15 Expected Features


Odoo 15 Feature updates

1. Point of Sale

Sales coupons and promotions in POS

Introduce the sales coupons and promotion functionalities in POS.


  • Go to Point of sale  →  Configuration → Settings

Select the coupons and promotions option and save.


Next step is Go to point of sale → Products →  Coupon programs

Create a new coupon program


Click the Generate coupon button and create a coupon based on numbers or number of selected customers.


Generate coupons based on numbers

Number of coupons generated based on the provided numbers.

Generate coupons based on customers

  • Select the options generate type as number of selected customers, add the filter and confirm the customer.
  • Option to choose the template for sending the coupon details to customer.
  • Once click the Generate button the coupons are created and send the mail to customers.



Click the coupons toggle and showcase the list of generated coupons.


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