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Odoo Pricing Hack – How to Eliminate Recurring Cost of Odoo Enterprise Software

Odoo Pricing Hack – How to Eliminate Recurring Cost of Odoo Enterprise Software

Whether you are a small business or a start-up manufacturing company, you are probably using a system of basic accounting software and/or multiple spreadsheets to track your production. Unfortunately, your current system can become more of a burden than a solution. As your business continues to expand, you need a software platform that can expand and grow with you.

As your business and transactions grow, your system can directly assist in improving your productivity through managing resources, saving time and adding value. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is the backbone for any business to monitor, track, trace and communicate business activities throughout the operations chain.

However, as a small business, your main motive is to keep the cost of operating the software as less as possible. Correct? In short, you want to have the cake and eat it too, but without breaking the bank.

We have the solution in the form of Odoo Community + Odoo Apps! It will help you in getting away from implementing the cost heavy enterprise version of Odoo and going for free community version.

Odoo ERP is vast in terms of community as well as functionality, in the past few years odoo community has grown tremendously with more and more developers and companies coming forward implementing Odoo software for different clients and customers. This growth in implementation created more and more apps, custom development for companies across the globe.

Odoo Apps are tools that helps business to make use of Odoo ERP software at Optimum Level. There are various Apps & Modules available for different Businesses to cater their ERP requirements.

Many Odoo ERP Apps which have been developed by OCA – Odoo community association are available for free of cost and there are other applications which has been created by official partners and developers. You can also purchase or download Odoo apps via Odoo store based on the requirements.

As we know that different business have different workflows and requirements while implementing an ERP solution, the biggest advantage you gain with an Odoo stand alone app is you get the base structure readily available for any custom process or module.

These custom applications are either sold freely or with some nominal costs to business who are looking out for similar functions in Odoo.

Odoo Pricing can be Easily Reduced with Odoo Apps

When you implement the community version of Odoo + Apps model,

  • You can add Apps from the Odoo App store as a one time buy.
  • This will get rid of the recurring fee that usually comes along with the enterprise version of Odoo.
  • Also, the per user charges that apply for the enterprise version will not applicable when you go for the community + apps model.

The features of this model may not compare exactly to what you may get when you purchase the enterprise version, but you will get more or less similar features.

More about Odoo Apps

Only two years after the launch of the Odoo App Store, 10,000 integrated apps are available to optimize your system. With an average of 12 new apps released every day, Odoo App Store now has more than 10,000 applications!

Every month, 80,000 apps are downloaded by Odoo users to add extra features to their Odoo database. Obviously, like all the official Odoo apps, the apps on the App Store are fully integrated with each other in order to automate companies’ business flows.

But what’s even more impressive is that 86% of the apps are open source! Odoo users can use them for free, with just a few clicks. The 1,423 apps that are not open source have a unique price, ranging from $1 to $1,500.

The App Store includes verticalization for industries (e.g. Medical, Education, Food Industries, NGOs, Manufacturing), localizations for specific countries (e.g. Payroll in France, Accounting in Mexico), as well as new features that extend the official Odoo apps: accounting, eCommerce, Point of Sale, inventory management, project management, etc.

Today, the Odoo App Store is a real success thanks to Odoo contributors! The software can be completely adapted to the needs of the customer, by installing the relevant applications. Indeed, the Odoo App Store offers a variety of apps, increasing the possibilities available to your business without any additional customization.

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To know more about Odoo pricing, or other Odoo services get in touch with us and one of Odoo experts will get back to you to know your requirements better.


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