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ODOO DENTAL CLINIC MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE – Automate Tasks. Attend More Appointments.

Dental clinic management software is a flexible solution for dentists or dental clinic managers to automate routine functions. Most of the tasks involved in managing a clinic viz., organizing appointments, customer database, billing, purchases, patient history, and even treatment plans are integrated into such software for smooth-sailing of the business end.

Besides, it’s a great practice to go paperless and put a smile on mother nature’s face too!

Clinic management systems are intended to make business operations easier. However, the idea behind Odoo dental clinic management system module by Pragmatic is to upgrade the functionalities a few notches up and make it highly efficient.



Preconfigured Treatments Facilitate More Appointments

The system comes with a pre-configured list of dental treatments. Of course, there is provision to add more distinctive treatments to this list.

You can also select the appropriate treatment to be performed on the patient from the lab operation section to save you a substantial amount of time.

Invoices for the selected treatment are also readily generated by this software.

Don’t Just Maintain, Organize Patient Database

Database management becomes extremely convenient with this module  which helps to manage a dental clinic. It allows you to maintain family details of the patient and retrieve them with the help of the search feature.

New patient details are readily updated while booking the appointment.

The database is highly accurate and reliable as the system assigns a unique patient identification number (patient ID) for tracking patients’ records.

Streamline Appointments. Serve More Patients.  

 The appointment list in this dental management module displays fields like appointment date, dentist name, treatment room, booking source (appointment or walk-in), etc.

It also updates the system with the post-appointment status like confirmed, in-chair, SMS sent, and completed,

Medical Questionnaire For A Focused Approach

 A set of questions that help understand the patient’s dental concern is provided in the system. Users can fill in this information based on the responses received from the patient.

This gets stored in the system to chart a focused treatment plan and reference for further appointments.

Stay Attentive with Timely Alerts 

 This feature is one of the most helpful features of this module for user convenience.

Whenever the user opens a patient’s form, the system will pop up a medical alert featuring the patient’s medical history, allergies, and other vital information.

Ready Treatment Plans Add More Convenience

A comprehensive teeth chart is provided as an in-built feature of the system. Dentists can select the appropriate option (teeth type/ treatment) to initiate the procedure for it.

Upon selecting the procedure, the system adds the other details to it like the description, tooth, surface, status dentist name, amount, and the action.

Once the user clicks on the close/completed button, an invoice is generated for the patient.

Get Clarity of things with Imaging Function 

 Another important feature of the module is that users can upload X-ray images of the patient for studying/explanation and these images can be zoomed in for a better understanding.

Address Patient Complaints. Improve Customer Support. 

 This functionality allows users to log patient complaints in the system. When the user logs a complaint, it will reflect in the selected patient form.

Using this form, one can track the complaints and initiate the required action to resolve them.

Birthday Alerts to Personalize Communication 

 The system scheduler runs at a defined time every day to identify birthdays from the patient database. An automated alert notifies the user of birthdays from this database to offer a personalized experience to the clients.

Periodic Alerts for a Planned Calendar 

 For recurring activities such as oral cleaning every 3 months, there is a provision in the system to notify the user in the planned visit alert list.

User can alert the customer and plan the schedule beforehand for better time management.

Hassle-free Report Generation

 The report generation functionality of Odoo clinic management system enables users to generate reports by selecting the date range and also print the hard copy whenever required.

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Why Choose Pragmatic Dental Clinic Management System?

 We strive to provide the best erp for dental clinic management system modules for the changing requirements of the healthcare industry globally.

Pragmatic Techsoft has many years of experience providing management software for dentists and healthcare setups to manage their administration efficiently through advanced automated systems.

With our proven software products and technical support system, you can simplify routine tasks and focus more on the things that need your immediate attention.

If you are looking for dental management software in open ERP, kindly click the below button.


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