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10 Reasons Why Odoo ERP is Better Than Other ERPs in the Market

ERP software has become an integral aspect of the business to manage operations, streamline processes, and optimize workflows. 

Finding the right ERP solution is as difficult as important. The search for the perfect ERP for your business can exact a lot of time, effort, resources, and high implementation costs. 
To help you steer clear of such rigorous exercise (if not entirely) we have listed a few good reasons to showcase how Odoo ERP system is better than most. Of course, we will leave the decision up to you.

1. Open-Source ERP System

The fact that Odoo is an open-source ERP software gives it an edge over most players in the segment. Developers can have full access to the source code to execute the required customization. 

Additionally, there’s a whole community of developers dedicated to improving and adding new features to the software.

Such constant updates prove tremendously useful in enhancing the overall productivity of your business.

2. Avail Customization Benefits

Every organization seeks tailor-made solutions for maximum efficiency. And Odoo excels in this domain like no other. ERP solutions by Odoo company offer a host of distinctive modules that can be customized for your organizational needs. Odoo ERP customization benefit empowers you to optimize essential business processes, add different functionalities, without replacing the existing system.

3. Incredible Range of Modules

Odoo App Store provides a gamut of advanced applications to suit multiple business requirements. There are over 10,000 modules to choose from which are developed by Odoo experts across the globe. 

With such a great range of options, customers don’t have to invest time and money invested otherwise in trial and error. The best part is, most of these modules are free.

4. Advanced Modular Structure

Another great part of Odoo ERP system is that it comes in a modular structure. Module-based implementations allow organizations to have simplified ERPs and integrate required modules in phases. By doing so, the cost of implementation is lower and, more importantly, smaller organizations are encouraged to implement Odoo earlier and upgrade their modules later.

5. Easy Implementation, Easier Integration.

In terms of ERP implementation and integration, Odoo definitely offers better convenience and control than any other ERP software in the market. You get to choose function-specific modules or applications that suit your industry, integrate them within the Odoo system or with other software tools, without interfering with the existing system. If you belong to a non-technical industry segment or encounter configuration challenges, there are Odoo partners or Odoo service providers like Pragmatic Techsoft who can help you with Odoo integration as well as Odoo implementation services.

Pragmatic Techsoft analyzes your business requirements, market orientation, and suggests appropriate modules as per industry demands. The implementation process also ensures hassle-free data migration and management.

6. Seamless Data Migration

Data migration between ERPs is always flanked by complexities. With Odoo, you can migrate data from your existing software to Odoo ERP easily without losing any valuable data. Odoo experts and service providers assist the investors in this transition.

7. Cost-Effective ERP Solution

Odoo ERP solution is cost-effective which makes it a great choice for start-ups and SMEs. Businesses can install most of its popular modules for free and commence their business automation journey. With other ERPs in the market, companies have to shell out a huge cost for installation alone. 

Odoo ERP development cost is also inexpensive given its incredible features and comparison with competitors’ pricing. You can also easily select, customize, and upgrade the modules at a minimum investment. Odoo also supports new businesses by offering a community edition of the software which is completely free.

How About A Free Live Demo? See How It Works.

8. Diligent Global Support

Odoo has a worldwide customer base and hence global partners to support this base. Businesses in any part of the world can count on Odoo’s diligent support system for any technical assistance.

9. Greater ERP Scalability

Odoo ERP exhibits a high degree of scalability that enables businesses to manage multiple users simultaneously. Its auto-scaling capabilities can accommodate the growing needs of your organization regardless of the volume or size of expansion. Thus, implementing Odoo ERP software in your processes is a permanent solution for business growth.

10. Frequent Version Updates

Each year, Odoo releases new versions of its ERP tool to meet the changing market demands. A dedicated team continuously analyzes the market before introducing new modules and features. These timely technology upgrades help businesses to stay ahead of competitors and make way for new opportunities.


Any business, regardless of its nature and size, can benefit from Odoo’s essential modules. Each of these modules can be easily customized for your business. In other words, it’s better to use one software instead of a bundle of different applications for each process. That is why Odoo is the best ERP software out there.

ERP implementation success is largely determined by the efficiency of your ERP partner. With the right Odoo ERP implementation company, you will be able to implement, customize, integrate, and migrate with ease. Pragmatic Techsoft is one of the best Odoo product and service providers committed to serving its investors. 

For any queries regarding Odoo ERP products, you can contact us here or

Odoo Demo For Odoo ERP

Why it’s important to ask for Odoo Demo Before Implementing Odoo ERP


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