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Odoo Eye Clinic Management App

This solution is useful for ophthalmologist professionals to manage their businesses.

Odoo Eye Clinic Management helps to manage Patients, Appointment, Treatment Plan, Billing and many more.

Odoo Eye Clinic Management is a dedicated app built for practitioner in the field of ophthalmology. Odoo Eye Clinic Management can be used to record data of all patients who are visiting clinic for any type of service related to Eye. Services could be of any type like Appointment Scheduling, Billing, Treatment Plan and much more.

Patient List

In Odoo system, user can manage their Patient details in the system which is quite easy to search and select along with Unique patient identification number (Patient ID). This will help in maintaining correct data. Important features of Eye Management system are listed below:-

  • General Information: Family, Blood Type, Rh, Insurance, Marital Status, etc.
  • Patient Critical Information: Any detail which is critical and need to mind while doing examination by doctor can be saved in text form.
  • Current Medication: If a patient is on current medication
  • Disease: Any disease from which patient is suffering can be managed in the system with its severity, Allergy, etc
  • Prescription: This data get fetched from Appointment details if doctor prescribed any details to patient.
  • Appointment: This data is interlinked with patient
  • Eye Chart: Most important feature of Eye Management module, where doctor can select Eye, Operational part of eye, its treatment, etc
  • Operations: Any operation which is selected in Eye chart get listed here
  • Readings: This Odoo module helps to manage the data of readings of Eye for the patient.


In this Odoo module, user can create appointments for patients visiting health center. Following information saved during booking an appointment for patient like which health center patient has visited, Appointment start and end date along with defined timeline, Physician name, etc. Appointment can be invoiced or exempt as per health center process.

Eye Chart

In this Odoo module, physician can access eye chart through patient details.

Physician has to select the Eye (Right / Left)

Eye part selection for Treatment

Physician can select different parts of eyes and select related treatment.

Treatments with its status

Selected treatment can be listed out below in the table form with its status like draft, In progress or Complete.

Completing Treatments

Once user closes the eye chat, operations will be saved in Patient record under ‘Operations’ tab.

When operation complete, system automatically create invoice for the same.

Eye Readings

Eye reading can be captured during appointment. All major parameters for reading of both the eye can be taken and saved in the system.


Prescription can be made here for the patient, also patient complain can be maintained in comments and treatments in initial treatments.


We can make bill for appointment on clicking of create invoice button under Appointment form which can be viewed under Customer Invoices.


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