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The new world is characterized by intelligent systems that communicate via the Internet, machines that can perform more duties, and tools that reveal potential opportunities you might otherwise have missed. If your manufacturing process doesn’t empower you with holistic control over the production and take advantage of smart technology innovations, it’s time to consider a change.

Manufacturing companies around the world are investing in solutions that offer either made-to-order functionalities for their production units or an easy-to-integrate upgrade to their existing system. Many leading software product and service providers however, offer the best of both worlds with applications that can be customized and also integrated with most manufacturing systems.

It’s Time For Odoo Manufacturing Management Software 

With Odoo Manufacturing ERP, you can plan, track, and schedule all your manufacturing operations efficiently. The software enables manufacturers, especially those that operate in different modes (process, discrete, repetitive, etc.), to design, manufacture, and distribute products in a timely manner, use processes that optimize resources; materials, machinery, tools, etc., and meet customer expectations regarding delivery and quality.

Features of Odoo Manufacturing Management

Odoo manufacturing ERP software helps companies efficiently manage the MPS (Master Production Schedule). Pre requisites for MPS are BOM (bill of material), operations, work centres, routing, resource working time, resource leave (downtime).

  • Make your operations more efficient and competitive by integrating manufacturing resources. Helps in categorizing data, resulting in more effective product management.
  • Utilize multiple features to enable quick processing through end-to-end processes.
  • Transform manufacturing flow on the shop floor effectively by utilizing all available facilities and resources.
  • The scan of traveller labels, efficiency matrix, and labels on shop floor provides advanced shop floor control.
  • With this system, you can manage the work in progress and semi-finished items easily, as well as track inventory and costs related to operations individually or collectively.
  • An overview of the capacity and projections from a bird’s eye view through MPS and forecasting
  • MPS-based production planning throughout the flow will reduce floor-level decision making.
  • Control inventory levels within the system using MTS, MTO, or Assemble-to-Order processes

Auto procurement for production is managed through Material Resource Planning, which can also be set with minimum quantities.

Master Production Schedule is one of its advanced features for Advanced Planning and Scheduling. It is possible to schedule resources well in advance against an order or against a make-to-stock order. In addition, it comes with a neat Gantt chart that shows the load on resources and the progress of the project.

It comes with Real Time Inventory Valuation. Manufacturing Orders are posted as journal entries consisting of material costs, labor costs, and work centers costs.

Master Production Schedule (MPS) – Make to Stock

Master Production Schedule module is designed to help manufacturers develop an attainable schedule while balancing internal constraints and limited resources and achieving Advanced Planning and Scheduling. MPS for Make to Stock enables to Schedule the production against stock. To move production through various operation steps, MPS balances machine capacity and acknowledges labour. Users benefit from the generated schedules because they are realistic and attainable on the plant floor because the plant floor’s production constraints are taken into account.


  • When the Sales Order is selected, the Start date and Delivery date are automatically filled in.
  • Delivery date can be changed based on Start Date
  • Identify where every part should be at any given time by tracking each Sales Order through their routing steps
  • Schedule orders (i.e. manufacturing steps) only when resources are available
  • Detailed working Time for work centres
  • Consideration of preventative maintenance (Resource Leave) and other machine down times in Scheduling
  • Can be Scheduled for any of the month
  • Routing selection is provided at the time of Schedule generation
  • It is possible to generate and change multiple tentative schedules before freezing them
  • Multiple products can be scheduled in one Schedule Plan

Dashboard Overview: Odoo Manufacturing Management Module is one of the best software to manage production units or manufacturing setups because it’s easy to configure and implement. To get an overview of the dashboard or order a Free Demo, kindly Click here

Master Production Schedule (MPS) – Make To Order

A Master Production Schedule module offers manufacturers an efficient way to schedule production while balancing internal constraints and limited resources. It allows scheduling production against Sales Orders. MPS balances machine capacity and labour to develop a realistic plan for moving production through the various operation steps for Sales Orders to be delivered, giving accurate delivery dates. In this way, schedules generated are realistic and attainable on the plant floor, as production constraints are taken into account and modelled.


  • As soon as you select the Sales Order, the Start date and Delivery date are automatically populated.
  • If the Start Date is changed, the delivery date will change as well.
  • Follow each Sales Order through the necessary routing steps and know where each part should be at any given time.
  • Know the availability of all the resources required for each manufacturing step at all times.
  • The run time of the machine can be expressed as – per hour and time can be represented in a detailed manner (e.g. minute by minute).
  • Schedule orders (i.e. manufacturing steps) as per the availability of resources.
  • Detailed working time for work centres.
  • A scheduling method that takes into account preventative maintenance (resource leaves) and other machine downtimes.
  • Scheduling against single sales orders or sales orders for a specific period is possible.
  • Routing selection is provided during schedule generation.
  • A tentative schedule can be generated multiple times and changed before it is frozen.

Why Choose Odoo Manufacturing Management Software by Pragmatic?

We strive to provide the best solution for manufacturing management in Odoo ERP for the changing requirements of the industries globally. 

Pragmatic Techsoft has many years of experience providing software for manufacturing endeavours, be it Odoo 13 manufacturing, Odoo 14 manufacturing, to the latest Odoo 16 manufacturing module. We have helped industries understand how to customize Odoo manufacturing ERP systems to streamline their production lines. With our proven software products and technical support system, you can automate routine tasks and focus more on the things that need your immediate attention. 

If you are looking for an advanced Odoo manufacturing management solution, click here to Talk To Our Odoo Expert.


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