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Design Efficient Marketing Campaigns with Odoo Marketing Apps

With Odoo’s marketing apps you can easily send mass mailings to your leads, opportunities and customers. Track the performance of mailing campaigns to improve conversion rates. Design professional emails and reuse templates in just a few clicks.

You can import a database of prospects or filter on existing leads, opportunities and lists of customers in no time at all. Define email templates and reuse the content or specific design for your newsletter. Setup several email servers with their own IP/domains to optimise opening rates.

Get real time statistics on the performance of campaigns to improve your conversion rate. Track emails sent, received, opened and answered. Easily manage your mailing campaigns, discussion groups, leads and opportunities with our simple, user friendly and powerful platform.

With an Intuitive campaign dashboard you can get the insight you need for making smarter mailing campaigns. Track statistics per campaign: bounce rates, sent mails, best content, etc. Clear and structured dashboards give you a direct overview of your campaign performance.


Here are the Top 5 Free Odoo Marketing Apps

1. Aeroo Reports

The most versatile reporting engine, Aeroo Reports for Odoo is a comprehensive and versatile reporting engine based on Aeroo Library.

It supports most of the current and legacy business document formats. Be it printable invoice, personalized HTML content for email marketing or just an inventory labels – Aeroo Reports can do them all.

Even more, using RAW reporting option, you can create reports for your custom document format, that gives full advantage of integrating both office & industrial printing hardware and software.

Developing new reports is as easy as using mainstream office packages like OpenOffice and LibreOffice. That means, use them as WYSIWYG template editor.


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2. Customizable unsubscription process on mass mailing emails

This addon extends the unsubscription form to let you –

  • Choose which mailing lists are not cross-unsubscriptable when unsubscribing from a different one.
  • Know why and when a contact has been subscribed or unsubscribed from a mass mailing.
  • Provide proof on why you are sending mass mailings to a given contact, as required by the GDPR in Europe.


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3. Disable automatic emails to partner

This module sets the value of the field “Opt-Out” to True for existing Partners. Newly created partners will also have the value of “Opt-Out” set to True by default.


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4. Sales Target Marketing

This module will help you in sales target marketing. With this report you can identify which customers buy which type of product or which type of product he/her is not buying, so you can directly focus more on that product for a particular customer.


5. Customer Marketing

This module allows to add detailed information about your customers. The module adds fields to store the following information: Family, Occupation, Recreation, Motivation, Pets, Sport Teams.


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Top 5 Paid Odoo Marketing Ads

1. CRM Dashboard for Marketing Executive

These dashboards make it easy for people in various sales and marketing roles to gauge the state of campaigns, leads and opportunities for their organizations, teams, or themselves. A dashboard is an essential tool that provides you with a at-a-glance overview of your sales. Get contacts, leads, opportunities and total expected revenue with our dashboard. Track return on investment (ROI) of your campaigns/sources/mediums.


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2. Double Opt-In

Double Opt in for mass mailing and email marketing. Enter email address and subscribe the newsletter. Do track subscriber’s ip address and details. User needs to do email verification for newsletter opt in.


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3. KnowSystem

This is a full-featured knowledge management tool to be used in any industry and by any firm. The app serves to accumulate, to curate, to utilize and share organizational knowledge within your company and outside it. The tool consists of the core module and extra optional add-ons:

  • Innovative single-view interface
  • Fast, comfortable and professional knowledge recording
  • Get benefit from your knowledge
  • Wiki-like revision system
  • Individual partner knowledge base portal
  • Public knowledge base
  • Team work for knowledge creation
  • Custom fields to structure knowledge
  • Knowledge is secured and might be safely shared
  • Create learning tours
  • Multilingual knowledge base
  • Knowledge base for any industry and business


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4. Sales Funnel Surveys

Manage surveys at each stage of the sales funnel:

  • The app connects a definite survey and specified lead or opportunity stage: prepare a separate questionnaire for each communication level.
  • The app forces salespersons to forward a predefined questions scenario: no forget, no excuse.
  • All the case details are gathered at a single form without a chance to ask the same question twice

The tool is compatible with both Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community.

  • The checklist is accessible through a button depending on a lead/opportunity stage
  • Simply indicate a survey on a stage form
  • Questionnaires are flexibly configured via standard Odoo website survey tools
  • A survey answer may be linked to a lead field. If noticed the app automatically adds lead/opportunity data to survey answers. Vice versa leads and opportunities are updated as soon as a survey is done. Text and char fields (including email, phone, etc.) of lead/opportunity are supported to be linked with survey answers
  • The module is fully compatible with Odoo CRM and Odoo Surveys.


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5. Professional Reports Excel (XLSX, XLSM)

  • This module allows to create and print various Financial and Analytical Reports for all Odoo Applications, including Custom Applications, in MS Excel format (XLSX, XLSM) for any data with any level of detail.

These are the top 10 Odoo Marketing free and paid apps available on the Odoo App store. You can get in touch with us and we can help you download and setup the app for you. Drop in an email to us at


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