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Odoo OpenERP 6.1 Features Part 2 – Fixed Asset Management

OpenERP 6.1 Version came up with Fixed Asset module that provides the features and functions to manage all types of properties, plant and equipment. The book and tax accounting implications of all capital assets are addressed with maximum flexibility, recognizing the inevitable changes in depreciation methods. Tracking fixed assets is simplified with free format accounting locations and location information. The Fixed Asset module provides a comprehensive solution to asset control.
Following are some of the main features of Asset Module :

1.   Multiple categories can be created for Fixed Asset

2.   Supports multiple depreciation methods like Linear method , Degresive method etc

3.  Depreciation method can be linked to Asset Category to minimize the repetitive entries
4.  Auto computation of depreciation lines based on the period length

5.  Auto posting of Depreciation entries in Account Module by clicking on Create Move . This will charge the depreciation on Asset and will post the entry in accounts


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