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Odoo OpenERP 7 Geo-Search Module

                          Previously in OpenERP-7 Geo Location Module you have seen how to track Geo-location and Route of your OpenERP Partner. In this OpenERP 7 Geo-Search Module we went one step ahead and implemented search (filtration) according to geo criteria specified by users. This is a comprehensive Web Based Geo-Search Module used to effectively search Customers, Sale Orders, Quotations, Lead , Opportunities, Customer invoices according to their Geo Locations criteria. 
                        It would help the Organizations to a large extent in effectively searching Customers, search Sale Orders, Quotations, Lead , Opportunities, Customer invoices within a specified Geo Location.                            
                         It is also allows to plot Customers, Sale Orders, Quotations, Lead , Opportunities, Customer invoice along with details of customer as a markers on Google map and respective information(Customers, Sale Orders ,Quotations, Lead,Opportunities,Customer Invoices ) in information window of Google markers.
                       Below mentioned are the key features of Geo Search Module which can be Configured & Customized as per Client specific needs.   

 Key Features:  
1. Searching Customers, Sale Orders, Quotations, Leads,Opportunities,Customer Invoices, within particular region by specifying the search Criteria. Search Criteria is combination of Geo location(address of partner), Search Radius(in Kilometers or Miles).
2. Get Suggestions for specified address.
3. Saving searches for future use.
4. Specifying Multiple search Criteria
5. Filter on already filtered data.
6. Plotting Customers on Google map along with their sale order history(Total Sale and product details), Leads, Opportunities, Invoices.

Let see how this module exactly work :

 1) Getting Search Criteria Window:  

2) Specifying Search Criteria:  

3) Address Suggestion for specified Address:  
This address are derived from Google address suggestions  

4) Multiple Search Criteria:  

5) Save Search:  

6) Using saved Search :  

7) Customers and their sale orders on Google Map:  


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