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Odoo OpenERP 7 Resource Management

This module deals with management of Resource on Various project according to their skill sets. Lets go through various features available in this module.

1) Employee Details :
Human resource team can capture various details of Employee like General Details, Previous Work Experience, Skill, Present Employer details etc.

2) Create Resource Request:
When there is need of resource on particular project manager create resource request which define skill sets of required resource along with other details.

Manager can status of all Resource Request created for particular project

3) Search Resource for New Resource Request
All Resource request created by managers are available to HR team for further processing. HR personnel search for Resource which suits resource request requirement and Propose some resource to request which match R-R criteria.

After Searching resource for particular request HR team can propose number of resource to managers for finalization

Allocate Resource
Once Manager finalize one of proposed resource HR team add that resource to Project specified in R-R.


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