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Odoo OpenERP 8 Features

This blog mentions some of changes which are made in OpenERP Version 8 as Compared to Version 7.

1. HR Module Changes

In HR modules (as well as in other modules like sale,project) “State” concept is removed and now we only have Stages which i think 

Removed Concept of State on Hr Application . Now only Stages are available by Default NEW is Stage. This allows to group and analyze the time spend in the various stages.

Similar change has been done for project issues and CRM leads where state is removed. Now we have only stage which determines on which state current record is.

Added template_id field. If an email template is linked to the stage, it is used to render and post a message on the applicant. This allows for example to have template for accepted or refused applicants. 


1.1 Reporting
In Version 8 reporting feature is more dynamic which makes user to change format of report easily and has option to use different filters easily. 

2. CRM 
2.1 Teams Management
This feature allows user to create team and track their progress in terms of Leads;Sales Orders and Invoice . It provided easy interface for team management and performance tracking. 

2.2 Mass Mail
This is again a good feature for CRM where users can create campaign and send mass emails. It also allow users track emails visibility.  

2.3 Live Chat
OpenERP 8 provides live chat option to directly chat with your customer in Real Time.  

3. Accounting:
3.1 Paypal
OpenERP version 8 provides interface to configure paypal and allow option to make payment from Paypal. In Version 8 you can configure company paypal account and you get option to register payment from Sells Order directly.  

Paypal Option on Sells order form
Similar Option is Provided for Ogoan and Adyen 

3.2 Bank Reconciliation
Advance option to bank reconciliation is provided. 

4. Website
OpenERP 8 comes up with this feature of web where users can design and manage content of their website . This Option provide and option to Manage web content;Products and other details which is generally put on any company website.  

5. Display Option in Search
Display option in search gives user an option to add extra column in tree view.  


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