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Odoo OpenERP 7 SaaSKit

Pragmatic Techsoft’s SaaS Kit for OpenERP 7.0 – Architecture and Functionality

SaaS Overview
                        Software as a Service solutions deliver applications to users from a central location. There are two typical approaches to SaaS. In the hosted application model, which is similar to the concept of application virtualization, a provider hosts the application on a server and allows users to access the application across a network. The on-demand SaaS model gives users access to an application as needed, and users pay for the time they use it. Regardless of the approach, a SaaS application represents a single deployment that administrators can patch and upgrade at a single point. 
Pragmatic’s Presence
                       Pragmatic is a leading state of art application service provider (ASPs) with cutting edge and customized open source applications. We are forerunners in implementing SaaS model for openERP and also provide platform for our clients to leverage on the SaaS model by providing the SaaS Kit and PaaS. We also specialize in on premise Cloud that makes it is possible for customers to host their own applications in-house.

SaaSKit Architecture


Home Page is where the users both the SaaS vendor and the end user interact on purchase of various Products/ Verticals. 

Magento Store
Magento Store: Is more like a market place where the SaaS vendor displays the products available on SaaS Platform 

Magento Admin:  To add and configure products, we explain the Admin option by taking an example of various openERP modules/ verticals that are available on SaaS model for sale.

Module:Sales, Purchase, Accounts etc..

Verticals:  Manufacturing, Construction, Etc

Products:  Package of Modules + Verticals.

Registers the customer with details like Shipping address, company name, contact details. At registeration the customer is given an option to select

Magento Store gives two options
 Paid instance
 Free Trial 

Paid Instance:  
                     The customer selects the paid option to use the products of their choice in SaaS model. 

Free Trial:  
                    A Free trial of 30days option is given to test the waters with the products of choice (full functionality) to understand the SaaS model. 

Instance Name Creation:  
                    In both the cases where the user selects to use a Paid/ Free Trial the system prompts to create an instance based on customer preference. The structure and details are given herewith in details. 

 SaaS Kit Data Structure Model  
                    New DB Created for each customer based on their choice  

 Naming convention  
                    Asks user to give a preferred name for future access – Sample:                                  
                    Background verification for uniqueness of the named instance       
                    Unique name for each DB is confirmed                      
                    DB name format: user_given_instancename.domainname                      
                    Auto creation of a new Postgres DB                       
                    Mail is send with link                     
                    Also is mailed the Credentials for login – Admin User.       
                    Customer login – with restriction on users administered during openERP usage. 

                     To Migrate Customers, SO, Products to openERP 

Open ERP 7.0  
                     SO Confirmation done manually – Paypal etc to receive payment and admin manually confirms the SO in OpenERP. 
                       This triggers the autocreation of the DB   

Master DB – Postgres  
 The Master DB maintains all configuration and maintenance of all SaaS instances by managing the following.  
                  Master DB – Admin details for all SaaS instances.
                  Customer created details are kept under secure instances
                  Confirm SO, payments, receivables, usage period
                  User licenses/ Cust logins
                  DB Expiry – Alerts, Grace period
                  Upgrade option                   

Confirm SO
Free Trial Period      
                  Free/ Trial period – 30Days
                  COD – 30 days  

Upgrade option –
                  From free trial to paid,
                  Add new modules to existing accounts
 Extension –
                  Extension of paid instances 

User licenses/ Customer management
DB Expiry – Alerts, Grace period 

Invoice – Payment gateway – manual. Paypal make transactions and pass entry in openERP

Some of our Customers Using SaasKit
Suncard logo, Officemanager logo 


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