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Odoo OpenERP Store/ Shop wise Tax Application

This blog represents enhanced Odoo feature which is related to handling of Taxation through shops/store

In Odoo, we currently handled Taxes based on Product defined/default taxes. This is standard behaviour which can be altered if in case. Taxes are Customer driven, mainly location based. This is achieved through fiscal position where Product Taxes can be replaced with new set of Taxes as per configured in Fiscal Position.

 But if we consider scenario where physical stores are located with point of sale or online sales channels which are driven by store wise taxes, Odoo doesn’t provide that facility.

 To handle this condition, we at Pragmatic had developed a module which will take care of shop/ store wise taxes configured and applied on sales. For this it is require configuring default taxes at shop level which will carry over in transactions. This will override Product based taxes on transactions. More over if you don’t configure shop wise taxes it will follow the normal/default functionality of Odoo which is product based taxes.

 First of all we define tax on Product say Tax 15%.

We will go ahead and define tax on Shop which will take priority in transactions. So define Tax on shop/store.

If you create Sales quotation with the particular product then it will pick up the taxes from the shop as shown in the below rather than taking the default product taxes.

 You can define different taxes per shops or stores if there multiple physical shops/stores.
Now we can go to Point of sales and start the selling session. When we select the particular product Taxes will be applied which are from shop instead of product.

 Similarly if we have multiple online stores for which we can book normal sales orders, this will enforce the taxes appropriately.

This will work with third party e-commerce connector as well where online store taxes can be configured accordingly and same will carry forward in Odoo.


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