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Pragmatic Odoo OpenGTS Integration

Pragmatic Odoo OpenGTS integration is a state of art solution for all tracking (geolocation) needs of a company, be it Vehicle tracking or Personal tracking. The Pragmatic’s Module is developed in such a manner that it would suit for all scenarios with the powerful Odoo(formerly OpenERP) modules to match for multifarious industries.

GPS devices: The Pragmatic Odoo OpenGTS module is capable to handling any type of GPS devices and all related information can be captured in structured manner in Odoo. (Limited by OpenGTS device support).

Android Mobile devices: The module also has the capability to integrate Android Mobile devices tracking from OpenGTS.

This write-up details the tracking capabilities of Pragmatic Odoo OpenGTS We are using two type of devices to demonstrate the power of the Pragmatic Odoo OpenGTS module

1. GPS devices Personal Tracker (Sanav GC-101) &
2. Mobile application (CellTrac).

Note: It is mandatory that while configuring the application that the user mention the type of device to add.

Odoo OpenGTS Configuration

 1. Adding Device
– Fleet → Vehicles → Device Configuration → Device Information
– Create a Device and fill in the Device Detail
Note: Device Id field should be Device IMEI number

 1.1 Adding Open GTS User – Click on OpenGTS User → Create and Edit

 Note : OpenGTS Account should be “sysadmin” user should be “admin” and password should be “sysadmin”.

 2. Attaching Device to a Vehicle.
– Fleet → Vehicles → Vehicles
– Select a vehicle to which the device is going to be attached

 – Edit and Goto the Device details tab
– Click on “Add an item”

 2.1 Select/Create an appropriate device from the window and click on “Select”

 3. Adding / Registering the device to the OpenGTS server (if not added before)Click on the “Export to OpenGTS”

 4. Tracking the Device on map– Once the Device is added successfully to the Open GTS server, it can be tracked by clicking on “Show Map” button

 – All the successfully added devices i.e. GC-101/Mobile can be tracked here by specifying the device into the “Vehicle Map:” drop down– Tracking of GC-101 is shown below:

 – Configuration of CellTracGTS Mobile App
   To add Android mobile to be tracked on GTS Server, the mobile should fulfill the following prerequisites.
– Mobile containing Android Version 4.0 or more
– Mobile must contain GPS
– Working GPRS network
– CellTracGTS App (Available on PlayStore)

Once the “CellTracGTS” app is downloaded and installed, it must get configured with the server to send and receive data. The configuration of the CellTracGTS is as follows:

1. The Read-only field “Mobile-ID Type” is the IMEI number of the Mobile which should be exactly added and Exported to the GTS Server through OpenERP OpenGTS Module. It consists two fields i.e. “IMEI” and “Android ID”. Selecting any of them will not affect the server but the same thing should get added to the server. (Its recommended to select IMEI)
2. The field “Server URL” is the Server URL to which the device is suppose to send its data. And it should be exactly “http://gtsserver/gprmc/Data?”
3. Followings are the Screenshots the CellTracGTS application configuration

– Tracking of the vehicle using Mobile Phone is shown Below:

– All the successfully added devices can be tracked on the map by selecting it from the “Vehicle Map” Dropdown.

Here we had seen how the settings in Odoo had been integrated with OpenGTS and the devices configured in Odoo are tracked in OpenGTS.
Feel free to contact us at for any further enquires/ details required.


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