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Odoo 16 Pricing Explained: Why It Will Be A Game Changer in the ERP Industry

The last time Odoo updated its pricing was around six years ago. Recently, users were introduced to the new pricing model during the highly anticipated Odoo 16 launch event. And an introduction it was. While experts have already attested it as a game changer in the ERP industry, we strongly agree with Odoo’s marketing team that proclaims – “Get ready for the explosion of Odoo!”

Why was the Odoo pricing updated?

One of the prime reasons for Odoo’s rise as a global ERP brand is that it is highly customer-centric. The company believes that a good price should always be aligned with the value the customer gets from it. 

A small firm relatively requires fewer collaboration tools than bigger enterprises. Resultantly, the value large enterprises draw from the software is much higher than the smaller firms. 

So, to justify the value each user gets from Odoo, it was derived that a ‘price per user’ would fit well in the equation. That means a low price per user for smaller companies and a higher price per user for bigger companies, as they get tremendous value from large-scale digital integration.  

With the release of Odoo 16, there are some significant changes to the pricing structure in the product. This guide will help you understand what those changes are, how they work, and how they can benefit you as an enterprise user.

The PDF includes:

  • Defining the right pricing: All Apps for the Price of One!
  • What are the new pricing models and how do they affect businesses? 
  • Video: Odoo New Pricing Explained by our CEO
  • Pricing: Before Vs After
  • What’s in it for the existing Odoo users? 

To download the PDF guide, just click the button below.


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