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Odoo starts where SAP finishes


Regardless of whether you are exceeding section level programming or supplanting a heritage framework, picking an ERP that is a solid match for your organization can strongly affect your future development and portability.

Since the cost of actualizing an ERP is so high, requesting a lot of time and contribution from representatives over your association and in addition possibly huge programming permitting and counselling charges, there is a huge weight to take care of business the first run through.

There are many comparisons available on different sites and platform featuring who is better an Odoo or SAP with different parameters and functions. So here we are comparing both the ERP’s on the basis of user experience and countries benefited with which kind of business solutions.

Parameters Odoo SAP
Customers worldwide 2+ millions 50,000
Countries with total number of one of these ERP’s 120+ 190
Business Partners 730 670
Users having one of these 7,300 apps available on Odoo app 650,000

The above statics shows that Odoo has almost conquered ERP race worldwide. As we all know that Odoo is a suite of open source business applications that cover all your organization needs: CRM, eCommerce, bookkeeping, stock, purpose of the offer, extend administration, and so on. Odoo’s unique value proposition is to be at the same time very easy to use and fully integrated.

If your aspiration requires technology to deliver incredible outcomes, then do have a cup of coffee with us. We will be happy to take you through our expertise and hands on experience on major programming languages. To know more about Odoo applications and demo versions available for different management software visit or send us an email on


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