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Odoo Whatsapp Shopping Cart Connector


Whtasapp is the most widely used social media all around the world. There are more than 2 billion monthly active users globally. They have the latest user base across the globe. Keeping this in mind the whatsapp has launched a new business platform making it easy for users easily to manage their business.

Keeping this in mind we at Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt Ltd have integrated this whatsapp business with the Odoo ERP system. The features of this module have been briefly explained below in this blog.



  • Catalog are a products in Odoo.
  • These products will be synced with all the whatsapp products.
  • Whatsapp products can be exported into odoo and products in odoo will be exported to Whatsapp Catalog .
  • The master for the product is maintained at the odoo level.

Contact Labels

  • Contact Labels are Tags in Odoo.
  • These tags will be imported from odoo to whatsapp and similarly from whatsapp to odoo.
  • Create a master for this in odoo and display all the tags.
  • New tags can be created and automatically their colour code is defined.

Sale orders

  • When an order is placed via whatsapp the user will receive a message named “ Thank you for placing your order. To confirm your order, reply with 1.
  • When the reply is received 1 then a sale order should be created for the customer which will be in done state.
  • The details of the order should be able to be sent to the customer using our existing functionality in whatsapp all in one module.
  • The sale order will be processed from the odoo itself and the related details of delivery , invoicing etc will be shared with the customer on his whatsapp number.

Future Enhancements

Collection – Future Enhancements

  • Collections are product categories in Odoo.
  • The categories will be imported from odoo to whatsapp and simpliary from whatsapp to odoo.
  • Create a master for this in odoo and display all the product categories.

Quick Replies – Future Enhancements

  • Create a new master for the quick replies.
  • Fetch all the replies from whatsapp to odoo.
  • The user can create new replies from odoo and sync with the one in the whatsapp.


  • When the customer pays for the sales order via whatsapp then the order will be confirmed and an invoice should be created for that sale order into the system and the payment should be done for the created invoice.
  • After the payment is done then the customer will get a message saying that “The payment of the sales order has been completed. Thank you for shopping with us”
  • Along with this message a pdf of the invoice should be sent to the customer.




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