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Using Blockchain in the Supply Chain Management with Odoo ERP

A combination of Odoo ERP and Blockchain technology can help address very difficult problems present in the Supply Chain Industry. It would allow us to create a combination of a Centralized and Decentralized systems which are interoperable with each other. We would be able to take the best of both worlds and bring them together. Odoo ERP is great when it comes to running a business, while Blockchain can bring in advantages of building a network of Supply Chain entities. This Blockchain network can be integrated with many enterprises using Odoo ERP and the important information can be sent back and forth between the two systems.

Making Blockchain work with Odoo ERP for Supply Chain Management

By bringing Odoo ERP and Blockchain technology together, we can solve effectively many challenges faced in the Supply Chain. Odoo ERP can host the Master Data for all the products, vendors, customers, employees, inventory and warehouse information. All the transactions can be stored in the blockchain due to its inherent advantages.

Download this eBook to get a detailed primer on Supply Chain, Blockchain and how Odoo ERP can work with it.




Stakeholders in the System

  1. Manufacturing Company
  2. Wholesale Suppliers and Distributors
  3. Online and Brick and Mortar Retailers
  4. Customers

When goods are received by the retailer all the information will be tracked on the supply chain. While the customer buys the goods, they can be given access to the entire blockchain data before buying. Also the transaction between the business and customer can be optionally stored

Download this eBook to get a detailed primer on Supply Chain, Blockchain and how Odoo ERP can work with it. 



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