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The Rise of Remote Work : Adapting to the New Normal with Innovative Solutions

The Covid-19 Pandemic has reformed the way we work drastically. Most Companies have carried on with remote working despite things becoming normal. Remote Working was already on the rise, however the pandemic accelerated the trend making it the New Normal.

In spite of the difficulties brought on by the rapid change, new opportunities for remote employment emerged. As more and more businesses accept this New Normal, innovative and efficient approaches to supporting remote workers are emerging to meet their needs.

Today, the most common work model followed by majority companies worldwide is  Hybrid model i.e. Remote as well as On-Site.

Let’s Suppose, You are the HR Manager of an established SME. With a number of employees working from home, you would surely have a hard time managing their productivity and ensuring effective communication. You also need to onboard new employees remotely and manage their performance. 

Adopting business software can help SMEs continue with their operations by improving efficiency and productivity, reducing the risk of errors, and increasing communication and collaboration. With the right software in place, businesses can have a seamless transition to remote work and ensure that their operations continue to run smoothly.

Some Essential Features of a business software that can help SMEs thrive in the new normal include :

1) Cloud-based Platform : A cloud-based platform allows users to access data and applications from any location and device, which is crucial for remote work.

2) Collaboration Tools : Collaboration tools such as video conferencing, messaging, and file sharing can enhance communication and collaboration, keeping teams connected and productive.

3) Project Management : Project management software can help businesses track and manage projects, assign tasks, and monitor progress, ensuring that deadlines are met.

4) Customer relationship management (CRM) : CRM software can help SMEs manage customer data, streamline sales processes, and improve customer satisfaction.

5) Accounting and Invoicing : Accounting and Invoicing software can help businesses manage finances, generate invoices, and track payments, reducing the risk of errors and improving financial management.

Odoo meets these needs. An all-in-one business administration software including CRM, project management, accounting, inventory, and more, it’s perfect for remote work because it’s cloud-based. Video conferencing, texting, and file sharing let teams collaborate, while Odoo’s project management and accounting features streamline operations and boost productivity.

Pragmatic Techsoft develops Odoo solutions. They offer advice, development, implementation, customization, and support, making them a good alternative for SMEs adopting Odoo.

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