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[Waste Not, Want Not] How Odoo Can Minimize Food Waste in Your Production Process

With a growing global population and a finite supply of resources, food waste reduction is a pressing concern.

The food production industry is a major culprit, accounting for a staggering 1.3 billion tons of wasted food annually, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.  

This wasted food not only represents a significant financial loss for businesses but also squanders precious resources like water, land and energy.

Odoo, the powerful open-source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, emerges as a champion in the fight against food waste. 

Let’s delve into how Odoo 17’s robust features can empower food producers to minimize waste and streamline their operations for a more sustainable future.


Odoo 17 boasts a comprehensive suite of functionalities specifically tailored to address the challenges of food production. 

Let’s explore some key features that can significantly reduce waste across your entire production process :

1) Advanced Inventory Management

Odoo’s meticulously designed inventory management system provides real-time insights into your food stock levels.  Say goodbye to overstocking and spoilage! With features like minimum stock level alerts, batch and expiry tracking and demand forecasting, you can optimize ordering and production runs, ensuring you have the right amount of ingredients at the right time.

2) Improved Production Planning and Scheduling

Inefficient production planning can lead to overproduction and ultimately, food waste. Odoo 17’s intuitive  production planning module allows you to meticulously schedule production runs based on actual sales forecasts and inventory levels. This ensures you produce only what’s needed, minimizing the risk of spoilage due to excess inventory.

3) Enhanced Quality Control

Food spoilage often occurs due to mishandling or unforeseen quality issues. Odoo’s integrated quality control features empower you to define and enforce strict quality control measures at every stage of production.  From automated inspection processes to real-time monitoring of temperature and storage conditions, Odoo helps you identify and address potential quality issues before they lead to waste.

4) Traceability and Transparency

Understanding where food comes from and where it goes is crucial for minimizing waste. Odoo’s robust lot and serial number tracking capabilities provide complete transparency throughout your supply chain. This allows you to quickly identify and isolate any potential contamination issues, preventing the spread of spoilage and ensuring consumer safety.


While Odoo’s functionalities are powerful tools, a successful waste reduction strategy requires a holistic approach. 

Here’s how Odoo 17 empowers you to implement sustainable practices within your organization :

1) Recipe Management with Ingredient Optimization

Standardize recipes and optimize ingredient usage with Odoo’s recipe management features. By meticulously defining portion sizes and identifying optimal ingredient combinations, you can minimize waste during food preparation.

2) Product Upcycling and Repurposing

Odoo’s flexible functionalities can be adapted to support creative upcycling initiatives.  For example, by tracking “near-expiry” ingredients, you can develop new recipes or divert them to alternative uses like jams, chutneys or composting projects.

3) Data-Driven Decision Making

Odoo’s comprehensive reporting functionalities provide valuable insights into your food waste patterns. By analyzing historical data, you can identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions that continuously refine your waste reduction efforts.

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we’re passionate about empowering businesses to achieve operational excellence while minimizing their environmental footprint.  Our team of Odoo specialists possesses deep industry knowledge and extensive experience in implementing Odoo solutions for food production companies.

We understand the unique challenges you face and can tailor an Odoo implementation that optimizes your processes, minimizes waste and promotes sustainable practices.  

Contact us today to discuss how Odoo can help you revolutionize your food production and embrace a more sustainable future.

Let’s work together to ensure a future where “Waste Not, Want Not” isn’t just a proverb, but a reality in the food production industry!


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