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What Role Does Odoo Play in Efficiently Utilizing By-Products in Manufacturing?

By-products, once seen as mere waste, are now poised to become profit heroes, thanks to a powerful combination of sustainable practices and cutting-edge technology.

As we delve into 2024, the manufacturing industry is witnessing transformative trends, including the rise of smart factories, a heightened focus on sustainability and the integration of advanced technologies like AI and digital twins.

These trends are not just reshaping manufacturing processes but also redefining how by-products are managed and utilized. Odoo 17– a comprehensive ERP solution, stands out as a pivotal tool for manufacturers. 

This blog explores the role of Odoo 17 in revolutionizing by-product management in the manufacturing sector, aligning with the latest industry trends and technological advancements.


The manufacturing sector in 2024 is characterized by several key trends :

1) Smart Factories : The integration of smart technologies in factories is revolutionizing manufacturing. This evolution leads to more efficient, automated and interconnected production processes, greatly enhancing productivity and reducing human error.

2) Sustainability and Carbon Neutrality : There is a growing imperative in the manufacturing industry to adopt sustainable practices. This trend involves reducing environmental footprints, aiming for carbon neutrality and implementing eco-friendly operations, reflecting a broader societal shift towards environmental consciousness.

3) Advanced Technologies : The utilization of cutting-edge technologies like AI, digital twins, and virtual reality is becoming increasingly common. These technologies enhance operational efficiency, improve decision-making and lead to more sophisticated and refined manufacturing processes.


1) New UI Design – Odoo 17 introduces a user interface that is both visually appealing and user-friendly. This improvement in design and usability makes navigating and operating the ERP system more intuitive and efficient.

2) Advanced Search – The enhanced search functionality allows for effective data management and customization. This feature enables users to filter and access relevant data quickly, streamlining manufacturing operations.

3) Kanban and List Views – These views are optimized in Odoo 17 for better management of manufacturing workflows. They provide a more organized and accessible way to view and handle manufacturing tasks and processes.

4) OWL Grid View – The OWL Grid View in Odoo 17 offers improved performance, especially in handling complex manufacturing data. This feature is critical for manufacturers dealing with large volumes of data and intricate manufacturing processes.


  1. Inventory Management : Odoo 17’s advanced inventory management system enables precise tracking and allocation of by-products. This feature ensures that by-products are used optimally, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.
  2. Process Integration : The software allows for the seamless integration of by-products into other manufacturing processes or for inventory sale purposes. This flexibility in workflow management enhances the versatility and efficiency of by-product utilization.
  3. Cost Analysis : With Odoo 17, manufacturers can conduct detailed cost analyses of by-products. This insight aids in making informed decisions regarding their disposal or further use, enhancing the overall economic efficiency of the manufacturing process.


  1. Waste Reduction : Efficient management of by-products significantly reduces waste. This aligns with the manufacturing industry’s broader goals of sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  2. Resource Optimization : By maximizing the use of by-products, Odoo 17 contributes to resource optimization. This is a key component of sustainable manufacturing, ensuring that all materials are utilized effectively and responsibly.

Odoo 17 serves as a strategic tool for modern manufacturers. It goes beyond traditional ERP functionalities by effectively managing by-products, which enhances operational efficiency and furthers sustainability efforts. The blog emphasizes staying informed about Odoo 17 to fully leverage its potential in transforming manufacturing operations.

Pragmatic Techsoft offers a tailored Manufacturing Module designed to streamline manufacturing processes and integrate by-product management, aligning with contemporary industry trends. This specialized module is part of our Odoo 17 offerings, promising to elevate manufacturing efficiency and adaptability to new challenges and opportunities.

Don’t let your by-products become a burden. Get in touch with Pragmatic Techsoft‘s Odoo experts today and turn waste into a wealth-generating hero for your business!


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