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Why Is Accurate Pricing Management Crucial for Growing Businesses?

Buying decisions of customers today are heavily influenced by price – thanks to the numerous choices offered to them. 

But simply setting the lowest price isn’t a sustainable strategy for growth.  

This is where accurate pricing management comes in. It’s the art and science of determining the optimal price for your products or services, considering factors like cost, market competition, customer value perception and desired profitability.

For growing businesses, mastering accurate pricing management can be the difference between success and failure. 


According to Forbes, 70% of businesses believe they are leaving money on the table due to inaccurate pricing.  This highlights the impact that even small pricing adjustments can have on your bottom line.

Here’s how accurate pricing management helps growing businesses improve profitability.

1) Optimizes Revenue : By setting the right price, you can attract customers who value your offerings and are willing to pay a premium. This allows you to maximize revenue without sacrificing sales volume.

2) Reduces Costs : Accurate costing helps you identify areas for potential savings. By factoring all costs into your pricing strategy, you can avoid underpricing and ensure a healthy profit margin.

3) Improves Resource Allocation : Accurate pricing allows you to invest in resources that generate the most value for your business. This could include marketing campaigns, product development or customer service enhancements.


Growing businesses often face unique pricing challenges. Here are some common issues and how accurate pricing management can help overcome them.

  1. Limited Market Data : New businesses might not have access to extensive market data. Odoo 17 features like competitor price tracking within the Sales app can help bridge this gap.
  2. Inconsistent Pricing : As your business grows and product offerings expand, maintaining consistency in pricing can be difficult. Odoo’s integrated pricing rules engine allows you to define clear pricing structures based on costs, customer segments or product categories.
  3. Manual Processes : Manually managing pricing can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Odoo’s automated workflows can streamline pricing tasks, such as generating quotes or updating product prices across channels.


Odoo 17 offers a robust suite of features to support accurate pricing management for growing businesses. Here are some key functionalities :

  1. Product Costing : Track and manage variable and fixed costs associated with your products, ensuring accurate pricing based on real-time data.
  2. Price Lists and Discounts : Create different price lists for various customer segments or sales channels, allowing you to tailor pricing strategies based on customer needs.
  3. Automated Price Rules : Define automated pricing rules based on specific criteria, such as product quantity, customer type or promotional offers.
  4. Sales Reporting : Gain insights into sales performance by product, customer, and price point. This data can be used to refine your pricing strategy and identify areas for improvement.

At Pragmatic Techsoft, we understand the challenges growing businesses face in managing pricing effectively. Our team of Odoo experts can help you :

  • Implement Odoo 17 and configure it for optimal pricing management.
  • Develop customized pricing rules and automation workflows.
  • Integrate Odoo with your existing CRM or ERP system for seamless data flow.
  • Provide ongoing support and training to ensure you maximize the value of Odoo’s pricing functionalities.

Building on the foundation of accurate pricing management, Pragmatic Techsoft offers a valuable addition to your Odoo 17 toolkit : AUTOMATED LAST SALE PRICE APP.

This innovative app streamlines pricing processes by automatically capturing and suggesting the last sale price for each product or service within your Odoo instance. 

This functionality proves particularly beneficial for –

  1. Businesses with Frequent Sales : For companies with high sales volume, manually updating prices for each transaction can be cumbersome. The Automated Last Sale Price App eliminates this need, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of human error.
  2. Improved Sales Team Efficiency : Sales representatives can focus on closing deals rather than spending time researching past sales prices. This app empowers them to present accurate quotes quickly, leading to faster sales cycles.
  3. Enhanced Customer Experience : Consistent pricing fosters trust and transparency with your customers. This app ensures they receive the same pricing as previous customers for similar transactions.


  1. Automatic Price Suggestion : Upon creating a new sales order, the app automatically suggests the last recorded sale price for the selected product or service.
  2. Configurable Settings : Define the app’s behavior based on your specific needs. You can choose to apply the suggested price automatically or set it as a default value for sales representatives to review and adjust if necessary.
  3. Data Filtering : Filter the suggested price based on specific criteria, such as customer segment, product category or date range. This allows for more granular control over pricing.

While the Automated Last Sale Price App automates price suggestions, it’s crucial to maintain overall pricing accuracy through additional practices :

  1. Regular Price Reviews : Schedule periodic reviews to assess the competitiveness and profitability of your pricing strategy.
  2. Cost Monitoring : Continuously monitor and update product and service costs within Odoo to ensure your pricing reflects any changes.
  3. Sales Team Training : Educate your sales team on the importance of accurate pricing and empower them to use the Automated Last Sale Price App effectively.

Stay tuned to our upcoming blogs that delve deeper into specific Odoo features and functionalities related to pricing, sales and inventory management.

Connect with our team today to schedule a free consultation and discuss how Pragmatic Techsoft can empower your business with accurate pricing strategies and Odoo 17 expertise. 


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