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10 reasons why Odoo ERP Implementations can fail

1. Implementing it in any Case

Indeed, even before usage, the organization is in the quandary whether they truly require it or not. Regularly vast Odoo ERP usage ventures bomb before they even begin. Organizations discontent with their present framework end up persuaded that their productivity issues lie in the product they are utilizing. Persuaded the grass is greener on the opposite side of the fence, they fall for expensive, complicated and costly ERP substitution venture, when what was just required was a straightforward tune-up of their present framework, or an extra application, for example, would address the issue at a small amount of the expense. Indeed, even a reimplementation of a similar programming is normally less exorbitant than changing to another product merchant.


2. Lack of a Clear Goal

When an association settles on the choice to actualize an ERP framework, the initial step is to have a clear expected goal. Frequently, absence of agreement on the issues being explained, the result wanted, or the particular budgetary scope of the task prompts difficulties later controlling the scope and keeping up official sponsorship. Having a clear goal implies characterizing the essential business forms, money related advantages, and due dates in advance and influencing certain partners to concur how to address them. Without a solid meaning of accomplishment, the end point turns into a moving target.

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