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5 Easy Steps to Revamp Your ECommerce Business with Odoo Customization

A Unique Shopping Experience is what every Customer wants. Customization thus becomes essential in an Ecommerce Business. The need to constantly evolve and revamp their online stores is thus Essential. It can be difficult to run an online business, especially with the competition spiking high and fast

An Open-Source Customizable ERP platform – Odoo is your Best Bet
Odoo helps revamp your Ecommerce business as it provides a variety of customization options.

Seeking assistance from an Odoo expert such as Pragmatic Techsoft with prior experience in customized Odoo solutions will be beneficial especially when there is lack of familiarity with Odoo customization. A well-planned approach will help you stay on track and avoid any unforeseen obstacles that may hinder the successful completion of the project.

Let’s take you through the process of implementing Odoo customization for e-commerce in a step-by-step guide :

Define Your Business Requirements
Defining requirements means identifying the features and functionalities you need to provide a unique shopping experience for your customers. Make a list of all the essential features and prioritize them based on their importance.

Configure Your Website
You can set up your website on the Odoo ecommerce module once you’ve determined your company needs. The Website part of the Configuration tab of the ecommerce module contains access to the advanced configuration choices for managing the website. Plus, you can fill out the sections with information about your website.

Customize Your Products
To revitalize your ecommerce business, you must personalize your products. In the General Information; Attributes, Variants, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, and eBay tabs, you can configure your products by defining their name and additional details.

Test Your Customization
A Link to a staging environment to test the customization should be provided to you after the internal testing is completed by your Odoo Partner. Ensure thorough testing of the customization before it is installed in your Live System.

Integrate Odoo 
Integrating Odoo into your e-commerce application makes it easier for you to offer different payment options such as PayPal, Buckaroo, Ogone, Stripe, and more. You can also create custom payment options for your store. This helps you keep track of your orders, products, customers, and other information in one place.

Successfully Revamp via Odoo Customization with Pragmatic Techsoft and Set yourself for long-term success with Odoo.

We are keen to know!

What customization options have you used for your e-commerce store, and how have they impacted your business? Do leave your comment below!


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