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Freelancer or Partner? A Clear Choice for Successful Odoo Implementation!

An Award- Winning and Reliable ERP Software : Odoo – becoming extremely popular with businesses worldwide!

An intimidating task would be the decision to hire a freelancer or a partner for Odoo implementation. Though it may seem like a cost-effective option to hire a Freelancer, there are several reasons why choosing a partner for Odoo implementation is the clear winner for a successful business.

1) Experience & Expertise

Partners are teams of experts who are highly qualified, certified and trained in Odoo having a deep understanding of Odoo, its capabilities, limitations.

Freelancers are lone individuals who work on time and material basis or on a fixed-price project, due to this limited knowledge, it can lead to risks and errors.

2) Teamwork & Collaboration

Odoo implementation is a complicated process which calls for cooperation and effort between numerous parties. An Odoo Partner will ensure all necessary technology requirements are completed while looking for ways to assist you in reducing your overall cost of production. They can surely take up larger and complex projects as there are many heads working together, systematic processes are followed and deadlines are met resulting in terrific results.

Freelancers often fail to achieve the end result in a satisfactory manner as they often feel overloaded. They can definitely not take up bigger projects due to limited bandwidth and flexibility. 

3) Access to the Enterprise Edition Source Code

Freelancers have no access to the Enterprise edition source code, thereby limiting their offerings. 

An Odoo Partner on the other hand, has access to the same and hence can offer customized, comprehensive solutions to their clients. 

4) Project Management & Support

Odoo implementation is not a one-time project. For it to succeed, continual assistance and upkeep are necessary. To help you get the most out of your Odoo system, an Odoo partner can provide project management and support services. They can assist you in locating and resolving problems like bugs or bottlenecks.

However, with Freelancers, support may not be as reliable and updates may not be provided as regularly.

“An Odoo Implementation Partner emerges as Your Clear Winner”

Choose Pragmatic as Your Odoo Implementation Partner

Having 13+years of experience, Pragmatic is a leading Odoo implementation partner in implementing the software for businesses worldwide. 

Our team of experts understands the unique needs of your business and provides customized solutions that align with your goals. We follow the best practices in implementing Odoo, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation that delivers significant benefits for your organization.

Rest Assured – We are committed to providing Exceptional service even after Project Completion : This sets us apart from the Rest!

Connect with our Enthusiastic Odoo Experts and Level up your Business!


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