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From Pain Points to Profit: How Non-Odoo Partners Can Identify New Business Opportunities with Odoo

Odoo has been making waves in various industries for its wide range of functionalities and customization options. 

If you’re a Non-Odoo Partner, you may be missing out on industry opportunities. Many industries are making the switch to Odoo, including production, service sectors, mechanical engineering, auto dealers, trade enterprises, healthcare, education, marketing, real estate, energy from natural resources, solar panels, clothing and equipment, and electronic commerce. Odoo’s versatility is evident in its use across many sectors.


Analyzing clients’ pain points is crucial. Odoo’s modules can simplify and optimize company processes for non-Odoo clients. If a client has trouble handling inventory, Non-Odoo Partners can use Odoo’s Inventory Management Module to simplify and organize the process. The Odoo Accounting Module simplifies and reduces financial errors. 
Thus, Pain Points must be identified first. 

So, What is Odoo, exactly? 

Odoo is a comprehensive business management suite that includes modules for everything from bookkeeping and product tracking to customer relationship management and project planning. It’s perfect for companies of any scale thanks to its adaptability, user-friendliness, and scalability.

Next, let’s check out the Security Features of Odoo.

Portal User Access in Odoo

Odoo’s infinite portal user access makes it easy for companies to give access to consumers and clients. This feature enhances the company’s buying experience. This functionality allows non-Odoo partners to grow their company by giving access to their clients and customers.

Customization and Access Rights in Odoo

Customization and entry powers are high in Odoo. Security and access rights sets and modules can be created by partners and users and shared with others. This allows non-Odoo partners to customize Odoo to their company needs and give access to their own workers, customers, and clients.

Why Pragmatic techsoft is the Best Choice for Making the Switch

14+Years of experience with Odoo, Pragmatic Techsoft has a strong track record of successful implementations across various industries. 

Consultation, Customization, Implementation, Migration, Support, and basically, Everything Odoo; Pragmatic is known to deliver out-of-the-box Green Odoo Solutions and are experts in understanding the unique business requirements and offering tailor made solutions. 

A Non-Odoo Partner’s grasp of Odoo and its features is essential if they are to be an effective collaborator for companies planning to adopt Odoo. Apart from assisting with the initial setup, they should be able to offer instruction and ongoing assistance as the system is put into action.

Pragmatic Techsoft is Your Perfect Ally for All Odoo Solutions.


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