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Payroll system in India could become complex due to the many laws enforced on organizations Earlier, payroll management in India, was done involving a lot of paperwork which was a cumbersome procedure to follow for the employees of the human resource and finance department. Apart from documenting and managing files, the chances of committing errors were high. This procedure was time-consuming and impacted the overall productivity of the company.

So Pragmatic Techsoft has developed a revolutionary software for Payroll Management System that promises to change the way Payroll activities have been handled so far in India. This system is capable of generating the payroll of employees. Payroll management allowed the employees to get all the information they want with regard to their salary processing, deductions and leave management faster and with more accuracy. This comprehensive module has links with many sub features, such as employee details, leave and allowances, travel and other sub features that make generation of salary slip of employee possible. This module organizes all the tasks of employee payment and the filing of employee taxes in a simple way. These tasks include keeping track of calculating wages, withholding taxes and deductions.

  • Gather all information concerning each employee at one place
  • Keep track of your employee’s job title and status, salary structure, probation period duration, basic wage, contract type and dates, and their schedule
  • Efficiently calculates all the deductions pertaining to statutory compliances such as Provident Fund and Professional Tax as well as TDS
  • Define salary structure functionality allows you to create salary structure and assign them to employees. A salary structure has major impact on Taxation
  • Leaves Request and approval
  • For the employee a contract gives them hiring date and hour wage or salary, salary structure, working schedule etc
  • Payslips batches create payslips for various employees at a time. It’s like a register which holds payslips of various employees

Control and access employee information.

  • Store, view and easily access essential employee data
  • employees to their Odoo user account and facilitate easy access rights management and enable auto completion features for relevant employee forms

Define employee contract.

  • Contract includes everything required to compute the salary slip of an employee.
  • This is important as Payslips are generated on the basis of salary structure which consists of Allowances, Deductions etc.

Generate Pay-Slip with just a click.

  • can generate payslip for an individual employee from Employee Payslips menu.
  • can confirm the Payslip which does calculation of various salary rules which are configured in Salary Structure

You can view the salary slips for the current pay period or for the pay periods for which the salary has been received.

Define the IT Declarations, deductions.

Salary Process and Income tax deduction in Payroll.

Manage the payroll processes according to the salary structure.

  • Salary Structure is a component that decides what should be the Salary of an employee, considering factors such as the individual’s category in an organization.
  • It defines a set of rules usually applied to a category of employees. Salary calculation after considering all the allowances, deductions and incentives (if any) etc.

CTC Report.

  • Total salary package and benefits received by employee in a year.
  • It is to help the prospective employer know your current gross salary.

Leave balance computation on payslip.

  • Leave balance on Payslip

Employee Leave Request.

  • It allows employees to request leaves.
  • Managers can review requests for leaves and approve or reject them. This way you can control the overall leave planning for the company or department.

Leave application response

  • The approver can find leave requests awaiting approval.
  • The approver can select a pending request to refuse or approve the request.

Employee Salary Details

  • On the selection of an employee the Reference, Contract, Structure, Description, Worked Days and Input data.
  • Payslip lines will appear and will be calculated based on the sequence provided on salary rules.

Payslip Batch

  • You can create payslips for various employees at a time. It’s like a register which holds payslips of various employees created through ‘Generate Payslips’ wizard

Payslip Batch Report


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