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Odoo 11, the Next Generation of Open Source business suite of Application Launched

Odoo has understood the fundamental necessities of businesses/users from the grass-root level and has done an incredible job while adding more features and updating Odoo 10 version and launching Odoo 11. The user friendly interface is winning hearts across all the industries.

Keeping up with technological development, Odoo rolls out options at regular intervals in their new edition releases. Pragmatic as a veteran with 9+ years of Odoo services would like to highlight Odoo 11 features.

Fabien launched  the new Odoo 11 at the Odoo Experience 2017 event in Belgium on October 4th 2017.


Important features included in Odoo11

  • Performance 3X faster: Odoo 11 helps you to speed up your performance up to 3X times faster than your current performance rate
  • Introducing a brand new IOS mobile app in Odoo 11.
  • Create & Customize Your Own Apps with the new Odoo Studio
  • Templates for reports – New user friendly and easy to customize templates for reports in Odoo 11.
  • Now Odoo 11 allows you to schedule activities as per your task and availability.
  • Improved Website builder with updated features like page builder, improved themes etc.
  • Schedule your appointment and meetings as per your convenience with the Meeting Appointment Scheduler.
  • Improved MRP to check quality, steps &  scans integrations in the worksheet.
  • Improved Accounting features like SEPA direct debit, SEPA credit transfer, Robust bank interfaces
  • Improved Inventory Management features like Management of exceptions, Improved barcode scanners UI, Improved FIFO & landed costs etc.
  • Support for Python 3 with Improved Customer Portal, Migration Strategy, etc
  • is the new Odoo development, testing and deployment tool


Odoo 11 Dashboard


Some Highlighted Features

App Features Benefit
Time sheet App New view Timesheet recording
Validation policy Invoice on recorded timesheets
New report For analyzing the differences between attendances and timesheets.
New timesheet flow For creating timesheet entries using the mobile app, tasks
Subscription app Analysis features by company and all company

New dashboard

cohort analysis
Discuss app Short cut access User is able to type directly in text box for further process
New Product Catalog app Importing options For importing CAMT.053 XML files to populate bank statements.
Analysis Analytical accounting
Charts Hierarchical chart of accounts
New payment acquirer More payment options Payumoney and payment Stripe
Usability Odoo WMS Picking form improvements
Changes in delivery slips
Variants menu entry
Odoo Accounting Revenue recognition usability improvements
Odoo Subscription On-boarding,  adding tags on self


Pragmatic is looking forward to server Odoo benefits to their customers in terms of implementation, integration, and migration or by consulting with odoo services. For more enquiry visit, or mail us at


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