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What is Odoo bringing in for 2020?


Last year in October at the biggest Odoo event, The Odoo Experience 2019, we were introduced to the Odoo 13. While the In-app purchase and OCR were few of the important Odoo features that were brought in with the current version, we are looking forward to what we have in store for the Odoo 14. So, what is Odoo bringing in for 2020?

Odoo had showcased the roadmap for Odoo version 14 last year which gave us a glimpse of the upcoming Odoo features.


Here are some of the features that are going to be discussed:


1. Save Time

Odoo 14 will bring in the feature that will help in saving a lot of time for the users. This feature will certainly be helpful during the entering and/or processing of documents – like sales orders; inventory; stock transfers; etc.


2. Odoo Cross-App Integration

Odoo 14 will enable more cross-app integration of apps. The user can now be able to integrate apps like e-commerce and Rental. Email templates can be integrated with Studio which can save a lot of user’s time which goes in creating new email templates and also documents with everything.


3. More Smart Warnings

Odoo will introduce more smart warnings in the current set of features with Odoo Autobot. For example, the users will get activities to complete like – “Please update the Delivery date of this Sales Order; after the replenishment (Purchase or Manufacturing) is pushed back.”


4. Framework Changes

Odoo 14 will be coming up with the reworked ORM, JavaScript, and Python. These important changes will be made to improve performance and ensure ease of development for the users.

These updates are generally user-based and also the feedback they receive from the respective customers. Besides, Odoo does have a great team of R&D cell which also takes an active part in improving and updating the current Odoo ERP & CRM software.

These were some of the upcoming features that were discussed in the roadmap of Odoo 14. If you have any requirements be it migrating from older to new Odoo 13, or the very new Odoo implementation, Pragmatic Techsoft can help you with that.

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