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Odoo OpenERP 7 Hotel Management

Hotel Management module incorporates addresses key functionalities in hospitality industry. It includes following functions :

1.Room Reservations 
2.Transportation Management  
3.Restaurant Management   
4.Laundry Management   
5.Banquet Hall Booking    
Room Reservations (at Reception)  
This enables user to book room through walk-in enquiries/ and through web booking form.


Web Based Booking Form:
This enables user to book room through internet.Booking form is featured with Paypal and authorised .net integration

Transport Management
Management can maintain a fleet record for internal as well as third party service providers. Invoicing can be maintained with the instruction maintained at the time of room booking
Restaurant Management

Restaurant Management module not only maintain table orders but also efficiently maintain inventory at different locations. It is linked to KOT preparation as well. User can link restaurant bills with are occupied room no. so that payment can be received from the customer at the time of checkout. 

Laundry Management

Efficiently maintain billing and inventory movement for laundry requests. It maintains separate workflow for internal and Room wise laundry requests

Banquet Hall Booking

User can generate multiple quotation for each of the lead generated by marketing department with unlimited permutation combination of service / product offerings for various events.

Housekeeping Work Management

User can maintain / schedule various housekeeping works for each of the house keeper. similarly, We can maintain a track of repair / replacement request generated so far with expense made for it.


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