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Case Study: Odoo helped an Online Retailer of Computer Hardware with better return on investment than it was before.

“With the use of Odoo, our staff was able to manage inventory better, reduce no-stock times & hence increase timely delivery of hardware products to customers thereby increasing overall return on investment. All this with the icing on the cake that happened to be the reduced price of owning the software as compared to our legacy one.” – Samuel Walker,
Owner, Online Retailer of Computer Hardware (Name of Company not disclosed)


About This Company (Our Client):

The company in discussion is an online retailer of computer hardware. They dealt with all types of computer hardware, peripherals and accessories, but majorly dealt with gaming hardware. They provided all types of payment delivery methods like usage of cards, netbanking, wallets or COD and also provided free shipping options to select areas. Their primary motive is to provide quality products delivered faster to all its consumers.

Executive Summary 

  • This company runs one-stop-online-shop for computer hardware. The owner, Samuel, was a gaming enthusiast since his teenage years. However, many a time he could not find the right kind of gaming accessories needed for playing a particular type of game. More often than not, he would have to get these items imported from far away places which used to more than triple the cost of the products by the time they reached him. They led to the idea of opening a computer gaming accessories shop for all the enthusiasts like him.
  • The challenges faced by him eventually was related to usability, performance and flexibility of using his current ERP. He implemented an ERP thinking it’d help him but it did more harm than good and sustaining it started eating into his revenues rather than adding to it. Rather than helping solve business problems, sometimes help would be needed to solve problems related to the ERP itself.


  • When the company in discussion came to us, they had two clear objectives. First, they found it difficult to use the functionality of their current ERP to the maximum because of the difficulty in maneuvering through the settings.
  • Second, they had to deal with a mammoth of an ERP when all they required was only a small part of the module. Also, they had to pay for the entire thing.
  • Hence, they were on the lookout for an app or software that would only need to be paid for whatever functionality and the exact number of users required.

How Pragmatic Helped?

  • When the company got in touch with Pragmatic, they were suggested some of the essential Odoo Apps.
  • After the demo and a discussion, we understood that the users at their were quite technical to start with because they had some experience operating their prior ERP, hence didn’t need a lot of hand-holding in terms of making them understand the working of the app.
  • We got the latest version of Odoo installed on their site with 10 users access in a span of a week.
  • Their main concern was inventory reminders, and we got Odoo configured to match their exact needs.
  • The training on Odoo was provided to the staff by Pragmatic’s operational team.
  • Support was provided for a duration of 15 days in case the company staff were to face any roadblocks.
  • Not just meeting the expectations, but Odoo exceeded them in terms of features which the client was not even aware the Odoo could do for them.


  • Initially, due to stock outs, the company used to lose out on a lot of revenue.  After using Odoo for 3 months, the client saw a whooping 140% increase in revenue due full inventory and eventual completed transactions.
  • The reason being, inventory reminders got automated when a given item reached a preset low level and the need for manual intervention and eventual manual forgetfulness at every step got reduced.
  • Also, the users got rid of the mammoth they had on their systems which they hardly used and also which was difficult to navigate and non-flexible. The giant was replaced by the light-weight yet flexible and robust piece of ERP i.e. Odoo, which was also easy to maneuver.
  • The best part was when they reported benefits in terms of money being saved because Odoo pricing was way better than their legacy ERP pricing.


  • Our client was more than delighted to have Odoo as a part of their company. The satisfaction they got was simply beyond expectations. Hence, they got added to our growing list of over-satisfied clients.

If you want to know more about Odoo pricing or want to talk to one of our Odoo experts do call us on  +1 713 701 5957 or drop in an email at


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