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Experience Easy and Efficient Rental Management in Odoo 13

Rental management of deliverable and non deliverable items like hotel rooms or conference rooms can be done effortlessly with the improved rental management app in Odoo 13.

The rental app can easily manage rental products, rental tenure schemes, rental orders, rental, rental contracts, incoming  delivery, outgoing delivery, receive payments, communicate about maintenance issues, share documents an easy and efficient way. All from one accounting and billing integrated app.

With Odoo 13, management of your lending and rental objects became easier –

  •  Clear and simple administration of loan objects
  •  Invoice generation directly from the rental order
  •   Loan contract/conditions as digital document (Odoo Sign) signed by the customer
  •   Possibility of defining a waiting period, before object lending
  •  Definition of extra costs if an object is returned too late
  •  New product type: rental articles
  •  Simple cost control/calculation
  • Graphical overview of the rental orders (Gantt display)


Graphical overview of the rental orders (Gantt display)

Rental Conditions are Digitally Signed by the Customer (Odoo Sign)

Overview of Rental Orders with Status Display

New product type: Rental product


What’s New in the Odoo 13 Rental App? 

  • Kanban view is pro or improved and on the left side you can see the rental status and the invoice status, and directly print out based on the status.
  • New products have to be created and when you want to rent our some of the products, you can simply tick a checkbox that says ‘can be rented’.
  • As soon as the product to be rented is selected a new popup comes up that can be used to fill up details like quantity, unit price and duration for which the item has to rented can be filled.
  • Based on the duration the price will automatically be calculated and filled in the form.
  • If the orders you have to rent out needs to be delivered physically at customer site, then you can see those under to be delivered.
  • You can add/edit/remove orders in scheduled rentals window.
  • After the scheduled time period of rental is over and the customer has returned the product back to the vendor, a new popup that says validate return can be filled.
  • Also, delay charges are applicable which can be imposed upon the customer. You can do it by per hour basis or per day basis.
  • If the customer wants more products or wants to add in products, then you can do that as well.

This new rental app is available only in the enterprise version.

In case you want to get OdooERP for your business or are looking to upgrade to Odoo 13, you can get in touch with us and one of our ERP experts will contact you within 1-2 business days to understand your requirements better.



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