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Odoo 13 comes with a Robust Website Builder that lets you Build Beautiful Websites

Odoo website builder is an open-source website builder, that helps to create websites without using complex codes such as HTML. Odoo website builder is highly recommended for business owners who need a website for frequently publishing their products. The website builder comes handy for small business owners as well as individuals who wish to start their own online presence.

Odoo 13 website builder form surely will aid in building a simple, yet a responsive website. Form builders are very useful for blogs and for basic landing pages which will allow the visitors to get the business information they are looking for.

In Odoo 13, Odoo website form builder is moved to community edition from enterprise, and this will allow you to create different website forms which can be used to input the organizational information as contact forms and to collect customer information.

With Odoo 13 website builder, you can create beautiful web designs out of the box without a designer’s help. No matter where you build the website, whether on Odoo community or Enterprise, have static or dynamic content, you will now have a beautiful website.

New Blog Design 

Also, the blog builder in Odoo 13 has a new design with brighter and larger images.

New Forum Design

The forum in Odoo 13  also gets a new look. It’s super clean with a minimalist yet modern design.

New Events Page Design

Events page gets an overhaul too in Odoo 13. It’s become more beautiful and has an intuitive design.

Odoo Themes Open Sourced

To make things all the more tempting, Odoo has made all official themes open source and free.

Improved Building Blocks

Improved building blocks mechanism for beautiful website pages. With the help of which you can easily change the background, add features, give padding easily, change the number of columns and a lot more. Within a few minutes, you can easily design the website.

Drag & Drop Toolbar

Every component of the website is improved, whether it’s the media manager, menu, footer or the configurator. Big menu is added where you can add all services or products. You will have full control of the menu with click drag and drop items. You can also change color through toolbar.

In case you want to get a website built for your company with Odoo 13 or need help with the website builder, please get in touch with us at


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