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Why are experts calling Odoo’s New WhatsApp Features the Next Big Thing for Enterprises?

Communicating with customers quickly and easily is key for any business. 

WhatsApp, used by over 2 billion people, is a favorite for chatting. 

Now, Odoo, a business-friendly tool, has teamed up with WhatsApp, making business experts very excited. 

Let’s explore why this new feature is considered a big leap for businesses.


Odoo now allows you to use WhatsApp directly within its system. This means businesses can chat with customers without having to switch between different apps. It’s all about making conversations with customers fast and simple right from Odoo’s platform.


Here are the highlights of what this partnership offers :

1) Chatting Directly from Odoo 

Messages from customers on WhatsApp can now be seen and replied to directly in Odoo. This means less mix-up and faster replies!

2) Create Your Own Message Templates 

Businesses can make their own message templates for common questions. This way, a ready answer can be sent quickly, saving time and improving customer service.

3) Automatic Replies

Set up automatic replies for certain actions. For example, send a thank you message automatically when someone makes a purchase.

4) Group Chats for Customer Help

If a customer starts a chat, Odoo creates a group chat with the right team to help the customer quickly.

5) Chatbots for Quick Help

Create your own chatbots to answer common questions from customers. This way, customers get quick answers even when the business is closed.


Odoo 17 is working on further enhancing its WhatsApp features. Here’s what’s expected :

  1. Two-Way Communication : Send and receive WhatsApp messages directly from Odoo.
  2. Automated Messaging : Set up automated WhatsApp messages for certain Odoo events like when a new lead is created.
  3. Message Templates : Create and save WhatsApp message templates for common messaging tasks.
  4. Contact Groups : Manage WhatsApp contact groups to send messages to many people at once.
  5. Analytics : View data on your WhatsApp messaging activity to understand and improve your communication strategies.

Moreover, support for WhatsApp Business and integration with other Odoo apps like CRM, Sales and Support are expected. This will provide a seamless messaging experience.

Experts believe this feature is a big deal because of WhatsApp’s popularity. With Odoo joining hands with WhatsApp, talking to customers becomes simple and cost-effective.


To use these features, businesses need a WhatsApp Business account and connect it to Odoo. Once connected, they can start chatting with customers directly from Odoo, set up automatic replies, and even create chatbots for quick help.

Odoo’s new WhatsApp features are indeed a helpful addition for businesses, making communication with customers easy and quick. Experts see this as a big step forward for businesses. 

Pragmatic Techsoft is here to assist businesses in transitioning to the latest version of Odoo smoothly. 

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