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Beyonce Adams

Application Integration and Synchronization using Talend Web and Data Integration suite for OpenERP

Application Integration is generally a complex process as it involves connecting two different pieces of software. These software could be written in different programming languages with different databases. Also they may or may not have an API or web services layer using SOAP/REST API’s. Integrating and synchronizing data between the applications is tedious process as it involves writing custom connectors for the integration. Also these connectors are brittle as any minor changes in the API or code can break them.

Web and Data Integration using tools usch as Talend presents a better way to connect and synchronize two application wanting to share and synchronize data between them. The process involves mapping the database files between applications, witing transformations  or a Web services layer could be created to do the synchronization. We have created a simple connector for demonstration purpose between OpenERP and Joomla using Talend. The same approach could be used for connecting OpenERP with Magento, SugarCRM, VTigerCRM and other

Joomla ! and OpenERP Integration Screencast


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