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Leverage the capabilities of industry leading Marketing Tool Hubspot and Odoo business suite of apps by utilizing the Pragmatic Hubspot Odoo Bridge

Hubspot is the leader in developing products for inbound marketing and sales. It has integrated solution stack for CRM, marketing, and sales. Its vast feature packed offering makes it the heart and soul of any business across any scale, size, or industry. Its practical value extends beyond simple contact management. This way you gain incredible insight into your customers, prospects, and leads. With this insight you can craft deeper relationships with your customers at scale.


1 – The Hubspot Marketing hub provides all the resources, tools, and skills needed to manage and execute successful inbound marketing campaigns. This way you can provide an enhanced experience to your customers and make them interested in your business.

2 – The Hubspot Sales hub gives you a full suite of tools to boost your productivity, shorten deal cycles, and make your sales process more human-friendly — without adding to your workload. Your sales team can now book more meetings, engage better and close more deals, the smart way.


Marketing Hub Benefits

  1. Build and Modify Your Website Without IT
  2. Get Your Content in Front of the Right People
  3. Drive More Traffic to Key Landing Pages
  4. Convert More Visitors Into Qualified Leads
  5. Turn Leads Into Customers With Less Effort
  6. Track Customers and Report Your Impact on the Bottom Line
  7. Attract more targeted traffic to your pages
  8. Convert more visitors into qualified leads.
  9. Close more deals with less effort.
  10. Delight customers to maximize value.


Marketing Hub Features
Lead analytics dashboard Lead flows
Collected formsContact activity
Contact managementContact & company insights
Custom form fieldsBlog & content creation tools
SEO & content strategyMobile optimization
Social mediaEmail marketing
Calls-to-actionLanding pages
Analytics dashboardsStandard SSL certificate
Goal-based nurturingMarketing automation
Salesforce integrationSmart content
Attribution reportingUser roles
A/B testingCustom revenue reporting
Custom event reportingCustom event triggers
Predictive lead scoringContacts reporting
Company reportingEvent-based segmentation


Sales and CRM Hub Benefits


Manage your pipeline and speed up your sales team with the CRM

  1. Manage your pipeline with total visibility.
  2. Log sales activity automatically
  3. See everything about a lead in one place.
  4. Send Personalized Sequences
  5. Create and Measure Email Templates
  6. Get Real-Time Notifications
  7. Enrich Contact Records Automatically
  8. Place Calls From Inside the CRM
  9. Book More Meetings




Sales and CRM Hub Features
Gmail and Outlook integrationContact management
Contact & company insightsCompanies
Email schedulingEmail tracking & notifications
Email templatesDocuments
Canned snippetsReporting
ProspectsLive chat
Email sequencesTeams
Multiple deal pipelinesSales automation
Predictive lead scoringRequired fields
ProductsSmart send times
Smart notificationsSalesforce integration


Odoo Hubspot integration App acts as a bridge between the Hubspot suite of solutions and Odoo systems. This allows you to get the best of both worlds. Odoo CRM and Marketing Apps are limited as compared to the incredible features of Hubspot. By using our bridge, you can quickly connect both the systems. This way you can take customer relationship management to a whole new level of customer delight and improved productivity.


With this integration, the team need not worry about information in one software not appearing in another. The integration app facilitates a great synchronization experience between the two software’s so that both display the same information at any given time.


Odoo Hubspot Integration App Features

1 Sync Contact Information

2 Sync Company information

3 Sync Lead Information


The contacts and the companies created in Hubspot, get created in Odoo system as well and vice versa.


Contact Creation from Odoo to Hubspot:

Once, you create a contact in Odoo, it will be automatically synced in Hubspot.

The following fields related to contact are synced to Hubspot:

  1. Contact Name
  2. Job Position
  3. Phone
  4. Mobile
  5. Address
  6. Email
  7. Company


Any change in the contact fields are also updated to the contact in Hubspot.


Contact Creation from Hubspot to Odoo:

When a contact is created in Hubspot, it gets synced in Odoo.


A scheduler is triggered once a day configurable), after which the contact gets created.


Any change in the contact is updated to the corresponding contact in Odoo.



Assign Company to a contact in Odoo:

Assigning a company to a contact from Odoo will add the corresponding contact to that company in Hubspot as well.


Similarly, when a company is assigned from Hubspot to a contact, it gets reflected in the contact in Odoo after the scheduler is triggered.


Lead Creation from Hubspot to Odoo:

Assigning a Lifecycle Stage to a contact from Hubspot and it will add the corresponding opportunity lead in Odoo.


Note: The lead will be created only if the lifecycle stage is in Lead or Sales qualified Lead




  • Following configurations are required to integrate with Hubspot:
    • The timestamp for Modified date for Contact and Company are set to current timestamp by default.

To get API Key Go to Hubspot Integrations. You can see Integration option under the Profile menu. Once you open it you will see the the “Hubspot API Key” option. Click on that and select ‘View key’ button, down there you will see your API key.


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