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Odoo 9 Xero Integration

Business organisations uses different software specific to different department activities eg : Xero Accounting system is used to keep online records of Invoices and its payment. Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. developed new module to sync. Invoices and payments between Odoo 9 and Xero Accounting system. This synchronisation can be triggered on scheduled frequency. This modules keeps validation on the accounts to be hit for Income/ Sales Account also for Payments. Similarly, Invoices gets reconciled against payments imported from Xero.

What data can sync with Odoo and Xero?

Odoo : Contact (Customers/Suppliers),Product,Invoices(Payable/Recivables)
Xero : Payment Confirmation


There are some configurations and packaged need to be installed to use this integration module.

Generate Public/ Private Key :

Step 1: generates a private key

  • openssl req new x509 key privatekey.pem out publickey.cer days 1825

Step 3: Export your x509 certificate and private key to a pfx file. If your chosen wrapper library

  • uses the .pem file to sign requests then this step is not required.
  • openssl pkcs12 export out public_privatekey.pfx inkey privatekey.pem in publickey.cer

Required packages to Install :

  • Step 1: Install XeroAPI from
  • Step 2: Install python M2Crypto.
  • Step 3: Install oauth2.

Xero Configuration

  • Step 1: Create Oraganization in Xero.
  • Step 2: Select Accounting standard in XeroAPIx.x
  • Step 3: Create Chart Of Account
  • Note : Code given to Accounts created in Odoo and Xero should same.

  • Step 4: Create a link between current organization in Xero to Odoo.By Opening the Xero on developer mode by following path “” Note : Select .cer file in public key certificate

Browse the “jumpflex_privatekey.pem” ie. Private key file and save it will generate Consumer Key And Consumer Secret key.
Further this Key have to Update in Odoo.

Odoo Configuration :

  • Step 1 : Install Sales, Purchase and Accounting Module
  • Step 2 : Install additional module develop for integration between Xero and Odoo ie. Xero Accounting
  • Step 3 : Update Consumer Key from Xero and Update in Odoo i.e. in following path Settings>>Companies
  • Step 4 : Open company form and configuration tab and set the consumer key and consumer secret number from Xero and Update in Odoo.
  • Step 5 : Enter the private key file path i.e .pem file path in “Path To Privat Key File” filed and save.
  • Step 6 : Save the Company Setting Form.

Transaction :

  • Step 1 : Create Customer,Supplier and Product in Odoo.
  • Step 2 : Export the created Customer,Product to Xero. By export setting form created in Odoo with name Import/Export form by following path i.e. Accounting >> Xero Accounting >>Import Export.
  • Step 3 : User can click on three button’s i.e. Export Partner, Export Product and Export Invoice to export the contacts(Supplier/Customer),Product and Invoices(Receivable/Payable) respectively. And to import the payment done in the Xero, user can click on the import Invoice button.

Import/Export from :

Exported Contact’s :

Exported Product’s :

Note : Item Code is define as internal refrence in Product Master of Odoo.

Exported Invoice’s :

Import Payment :

  • Step 1 : Complete the process of payment in Xero.
  • Step 2 : Open the Export Import form in Odoo form by following path i.e. Accounting >> Xero Accounting >> Import Export.
  • Step 3 : Click on the Import Invoice button as shown in above screen of Import/Export form.Note : It will import all the payment detail of Xero in Odoo and create journal entries.

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