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Odoo OpenERP 7 Payment Gateway Integration

                          OpenERP has provided wide range of applications like CRM,sales,accounting,Hr and so on . OpenERP has its own method of payment handling in this blog we will see how we can integrate OpenERP with payment gateway to handle online payment method. Through this integration user can see all his OpenERP transaction which is paid through online payment using in their account.

 Let see how it works:

1.Create Invoice either Customer or Supplier Invoice in OpenERP and Validate it.

2. After that fill up Payment Details for Invoice and Pay invoice.

3. Go to Customer Payment and Open Respective Payment for Paid Invoice and click on Authorize button. OpenERP then sends predefined customer credit card information ( or you can specify it before sending it )to for verification.

4. If details sent to is valid OpenERP get verification message and transaction id from

5. You can loged into your account and Search for Transaction Id you get in OpenERP which is new transaction record created for your OpenERP payment.

6.Open that record and you will get transaction details which is sent from OpenERP.

7. You will also get email as follows from after successful transaction

From: Authorize.Net Auto-Receipt
Date: Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 7:43 PM 
Subject: Merchant Email Receipt
To: ******************

========= SECURITY STATEMENT ========== 

It is not recommended that you ship product(s) or otherwise grant services relying solely upon this e-mail receipt.

========= GENERAL INFORMATION ========= 

Merchant : ******************
Date/Time : 12-Jun-2013 7:13:47 PDT

========= ORDER INFORMATION ========= 

Invoice :
Description : 
Amount : 100.00 (USD) 
Payment Method : American Express
Type : Authorization Only

============== RESULTS ============== 

Response : This transaction has been approved.
Authorization Code : BBCD9A
Transaction ID : 2194361572
Address Verification : Street Address: Match — First 5 Digits of Zip: Match


Customer ID : 
First Name : Adam
Last Name : Smith
Company : Demo Address : West Street 
City : NY 
State/Province : NY
Zip/Postal Code : 4556256
Country : USA 
Phone : 123456
Fax : 123456
E-Mail :


Tax : 10.0
Duty : 0.0.
Freight : 0.0
Tax Exempt : 0.0 
 PO Number :PO-00-011

This flow of payment through can be change according to requirement.  


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