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Pragmatic Odoo OpenERP Shipping Management – Integration with FedEx, UPS and USPS

Pragmatic Techsoft has come up with Odoo Shipping Management which integrates Odoo delivery orders with worldwide couriers like FedEx,UPS and USPS in order to generate rate for shipping and Shipping Labels. This module will also allow to configure Customer Shipment Accounts Number Shipment Company and Country wise.

This is a comprehensive web based shipping integration module used for getting shipping charge details from shipping above agencies according to Service Type; Package Details; Packaging Type etc.

Here are some key features of shipping Integration which can be configured & customized as per clients requirement:

Key Features:

1) Integrated with FEDEX, UPS & USPS for Company & Customer / Partners.
2) Generating rate of shipping according to weight of delivery order, type of shipping service used and shipping agency selected for delivery of order.
3) Capable of managing the following scenarios in implementing Shipping charges
      3.1 Fixed Price billing for shipping service
      3.2 Billing at Actual
      3.3 Billing to Customer Account (no charges on Shipping – Billed to Customer Account)
4) Comparing Shipment Quote Rates received from different Shipping Companies.
5) Easy to select and generate Labels based on Quotes Rates Comparison.
6) Handling Charges management:
     6.1 Price Slabs for handling charges matrix
     6.2 Manual Update option in Invoice and auto JV
7) Auto Generation of Packing Lines base on Input:
No. of Package and Max. Weight Per Package.
8) Generates Labels along with tracking number , Bar code and Data Matrix code.
9) Download and Print shipping receipt.
10) Invoicing on actual rates to Customer and Supplier for AR & AP.
11) Shipping Analysis Report – List View – Group By
12) Shipping Analysis Report – Graph View – Bar / Pie Chat

Once user confirm sale order respective delivery order is generated from where user can select which shipping agency will be used to deliver order.

FEDEX / UPS / USPS 1.Generating Shipping Quotes for FedEx/UPS/USPS

Once delivery order is created user has to specify Weight of Delivery order;Shipping Type,Drop off Type,Packaging Type. When user click on Generate Shipping Quotes request is send to FedEx which returns cost of shipping according to specified weight and selected shipping Type.

2. Request to Generate Shipping Label for FedEx/UPS/USPS

Once user get shipping cost he can request to generate label of shipping i. e. Receipt of Shipping which is in image form that can be downloaded and printed any time.

3. Opening and Downloading Shipping Label For FedEx/UPS/USPS

4. Shipping Label For FedEx/UPS/USPS

5. Report – Shipping Analysis (In List / Graph View)

Group by shipping provider and so on…

Graph View

Graph View – Bar Chart

Graph View – Pie Chart


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