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Hubspot Integration With Odoo

Hubspot integration module acts as a connector between the hubspot system and odoo system. The contacts and the companies created in hubspot, get created in odoo system as well and vice versa.

A. Contact Creation from Odoo to Hubspot:

  • Once, you create a contact in Odoo, it will be automatically synced in hubspot.
  • Following fields related to contact are synced to hubspot:
      1.Contact Name
      2.Job Position
      7. Company
  • Any change in the contact fields are also updated to the contact in hubspot.

B.Contact Creation from Hubspot to Odoo:

  • When a contact is created in hubspot, it gets synced in Odoo.
  • A scheduler is triggered once a day(configurable), after which the contact gets created.
  • Any change in the contact is updated to the corresponding contact in Odoo.

C. Assign Company to a contact in Odoo

  • Assigning a company to a contact from odoo will add the corresponding contact to that company in hubspot.
  • Similarly, when a company is assigned from hubspot to a contact, it gets reflected in the contact in Odoo after the scheduler is triggered.


  • Following configurations are required to integrate with hubspot:

The timestamp for Modified date for Contact and Company are set to current timestamp by default.

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