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Odoo OpenERP 7 – Kayako Integration

Kayako a leading company who provides the helpdesk service to the customers all over the globe. Kayako provides an established and proven cloud based helpdesk solution, ideal for smaller businesses that want to get started quickly, all the way through to large enterprises who need to deliver customer support at scale. 

Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. has integrated the Kayako with Odoo OpenERP to process the billing of the tickets worked upon in Kayako so that all the financial data drives from Odoo OpenERP. 

Following is the process followed 

Customer raises the tickets for reporting any issues about their products. These tickets are assigned to an employee and the time worked on the ticket is mentioned. Afterwards this ticket is marked as “Billing” which then is imported at the OpenERP for further process of invoice generation and payment. 

Following are the features available with this integrated version:

1)Below screen shows the process of entering the time spent on the ticket’s task.

2)Below screen shows the tickets having “Billing” status.

3)These tickets in billing status are imported in OpenERP

4)Following screen shows the list of imported tickets under project tab.

5)Following screen shows the detail view of a ticket with time spent on it, which is used in the invoice.

6) Following screen shows that the invoice is being generated for the ticket.

7) Following screen shows the invoice details for making payment.

8)Following screen shows the process of making the payment for the invoice.

9)Following screen shows that after making the payment for the invoices, the ticket status gets updated in the Kayako system from “Billing” to “closed”. All these tickets can now be seen under the option “closed” in Kayako. This implies that the ticket status in Kayako is updated after its invoice is paid.


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