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Odoo OpenERP 7 – Payment Express Integration

Tough Odoo OpenERP provides Paypal integration in default, many of the customers may not have Paypal account. Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. has developed a new module to facilitate user to pay customer invoices using “Payment Express” gateway.

User can also see payment transactions online on Payment Express website. User can mark payment methods as Credit Card so that on selection of concerned payment method system asks for credit card details and validate information though Payment Express API. It also maintains transaction id with provided by the payment express gateway.

(Note : Odoo OpenERP does not store any credit card details for security purpose)
Following are the features available with Payment Express gateway integration :

1) Provision to assign Payment Express gateway credentials

2) Mark payment method as credit card method

3) Payment mode selection on customer payment and credit card Information capturing on payment record

4) Capturing transaction ID generated from Express Payment

5) Online tracking of credit card transaction


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