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Odoo OpenERP – Paypal Integration

OpenERP Integrated with PayPal which is the most popular online payment service in use today. 
The OpenERP integration with Paypal lets you perform real-time authorization and giving you a platform to collect payment against invoices. Customer can redirect to the PayPal account and using OpenERP – integration module customer can make payment for invoices.
Features of OpenERP-Paypal Integration:
  • OpenERP- Paypal payment against invoice.
  • Payment through OpenERP Account.
  • Track Paypal payment details in OpenERP Invoices.
  • Check Invoice Paypal Payment Status in OpenERP.
  • Check updated Invoice Status in Paypal account.
  • Automatically send email after Payment.
1. Create Customer Invoice for order

 Create invoice for the same order for which we want to review stock valuation

2.  Customer Creates Invoice PayPal payment record
Login by Customer login into OpenERP review customer invoice details. Now customer can create Invoice PayPal payment record

Select the Invoice for which we want to create payment line. Confirm   invoice PayPal payment details.

3.  Redirect to PayPal account

Click on Pay by Paypal
4.   Review Invoice details in PayPal.

5.   Complete Transaction.

Once transaction completed Customer will receive email message about Payment done.

Above Screen shows status Paid for the transaction and Amount details.  Actual amount is paid is 48.25. The difference is because of the Paypal processing charges.

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