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PragmaticCRM – Skype Integration

The PragmaticCRM–Skype solution provides a full integration of the widely popular voice application, Skype with PragamticCRM. It would allow the PragamticCRM Users to manage all communication activities & improve the handling & documentation of call – related activities. This enhancement makes PragamticCRM a complete feature rich application which would not only cater to emerging needs of current market but capable of sufficing the CRM needs of the business more effectively & efficiently.

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Key Features

  • User Friendly Interface.
  • Cost – Effective.
  • Improves efficiency in contacting the Customers/ Leads.
  • Convenience of calling directly from PragamticCRM.
  • Accessibility of Skype features directly from PragamticCRM.
  • Start a Skype Chat from within PragamticCRM.
  • Archiving of Skype Chat from within PragamticCRM.
  • Sending of SMS via Skype.
  • Display Skype user status in PragamticCRM.
  • Tracking SMS automatically in history panel of Contact or Lead.
  • Display incoming callers name, company & call direction in PragamticCRM.
  • Tracking of Inbound & Outbound calls.
  • Login to Skype application directly from PragmaticCRM.


    1) Initiation of Call to Leads/ Customers.

     2) Establishing a connection with Skype.

    3) Call Termination.



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