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Shipworks integration with Odoo Using Generic Module

Shipworks integration with openerp (Odoo) using generic module. It is used to generate the tracking number and label for the delivery order. Here we are exporting delivery orders (move lines) from openerp and importing into the shipworks. Once tracking number and label generated from shipworks, we are updating this information into the openerp again.

Configuration of Shipworks
Integration of shipwork with openerp has been achieved by the following Three steps.
Use php script as a generic module

Step 1: Configuration of store/company with shipwork.
After opening the shipworks software first time, it will ask to configure the store. One wizard will open called “Add Store Wizard”.

1.1) For the First time while opening the shipwork , if there is no store configured it will open the wizard, Select the third party software from the selection Menu, by using it we want to integrate opernerp (Odoo) with shipwork , In our case we select Generic Module from the list.


1.2) Once click on the next button it will ask for the credentials for the generic module script and Module URL.


1.3) After clicking on next button it will ask you to fill the Store information. Please refer below screenshot.


1.4) After clicking on next button, it will ask you to fill contact information. Please refer below screenshot.


1.5) Now it will ask you to configure how shipworks will work with your store.


Here you can set the online order status to “Transferred”, so that after generating the label to the shipment, the status of order will be “Transferred”.

1.6) Once you click on next button, it will say your setup has been completed and it’s ready.


1.7) After clicking on the finish button, shipworks will open its homepage with no data first time.


Step 2: Downloading Orders In Shipwork from Openerp (Odoo). ShipWorks supports two methodologies for downloading orders from Generic Stores – By Modified Time and By Order Number. Below screenshot will show you the downloading process.


2.1) After completion of download system will show the order list into shipworks. Please refer below screenshot.


Step 3: Assign Tracking Number to Order in Shipwork and Updating to Openerp.

3.1) After selecting order you will have to select the shipping method like UPS, USPS, Others, etc. and asked us to enter tracking number.


3.2) After assigning the tracking number and clicking on the create label button, the order status will be change to Transferred state.


3.3) After the Transferred status, this delivery order will sync with openerp and will update the tracking number. Please refer below screenshot.


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